07-Ghost Kapitel 95: Teito got thrown out of doors again

It’s not like the first time that happens but haha, stubborn shounen MC does not know when to give up trying or care that he’s not really wanted by the other spunky blond shounen, who is just as stubborn as he is. Guess who am I on about by checking out the latest chapter teasers after the cut.

Alright then. This image is pretty much self-explanatory, don’t you think? It’s the promo ad for the soon to be released Volume 16. Now that we’re focusing on the main storyline, there is no doubt that Teito takes back the cover feature.
K95 _000

I’m actually glad we weren’t given any detours from the previous chapter cliffhanger in the May issue of Zero-Sum. Instead, we were told what exactly happened to Frau in the aftermath of Pandora’s seal breaking. This chapter pretty much entails Teito’s attempts in saving Frau from being completely lost in Verloren’s scythe after he merged his soul with it. Well, he did what he did to save and protect Teito, something he sworn to do way back when he first met our young shounen hero, by sacrificing himself in the process. Can Frau’s soul be rescued? Will he be able to return to his former human form after it has been destroyed? It is rather sad if we never again see the Frau that we’re so used to seeing. Ea did say that Teito has the *light* that could break through the darkest of darkness but will he be successful in getting through to Frau? Here’s hoping that Teito would make it before Verloren comes to claim his throne. I gotta say, it is rather funny to see the young hyper Frau again even if it is just his memories that we’re glimpsing.

Till the next time, do feel free to discuss or share your thoughts on the chapter.

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4 thoughts on “07-Ghost Kapitel 95: Teito got thrown out of doors again

  1. Bigfans

    Hmm, can Frau life anymore as well after Teito save his soul even his body have destroyed? it was sadness if Frau couldn’t back like before.
    how about Castor and Lab..? stil a lot of mystery
    ah, but i wish the creator of this manga not to eliminate the good player on this chapter, like they did to Mikage (>.<)/

    wish the trio bishop living together as well, burupya, Ouka and of course Teito too.
    and i dont know, what about blackhawk member, mainly Ayanami doing when he back to real form (Verloren)
    fuh.. hope this manga doesn't have sad ending.


  2. 7ghost4life

    Thanks for the scans, they help me learn Japanese.

    Love the part where Frau threw Teito off the ship. It was good to have a bit of humor in this chapter, because the next one will be very sad.

    In the next chapter we’ll probably see Frau changed after losing his friends and maybe see Bastien again and young Castor, Labrador and Lance(I hope).


  3. JustAFan!

    This one is an interesting chapter, because its the story of what happened to Frau. What I understood is that he was happy until the military found them, and that Teito was the only one able to interact with Frau. Looks happy but at the same time foreboding. Will wait for the next chapter.


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