Vampire Knight Chapter 50 – A tale of two wolves and a princess

Ayumi’s manga catch-up on Vampire Knight’s latest chapter.
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Hawt Cover is Hawt!!!

A year later and Zero’s looking FAB!

Thoughts on the chapter:

Vampire Knight’s 50th Chapter is out now. This chapter is a whole lot more interesting than the previous two probably because the story is on the move again. We jumped one year ahead to the current time where we are told what’s been happening to the main characters and what’s been going on with the situation between the H.A and the Vampire Community. And oh my, Zero has changed quite a bit from his former self…not for the worse as most VK fans are inclined to think or had feared (me included) but, for the better. He looks good and hotter than usual and he has matured somewhat, showing his gentler side. He’s even moved out, living on his own now but still attends school at Cross Academy, much to Chairman Cross’ delight. Gosh, Kaien is back to his goofy self again though he does show his serious side when testing waters with Zero.


Apparently, the H.A decides to free Chairman Cross and he appears to be guiding the Association through some critical changes after the terrible incident a year ago. It seems that he plays an important role in lot of their decision making and is probably behind the move to propose Zero as the H.A’s future president. The way he talks to Zero to find out how he is and get an inkling of his reactions and thoughts on matters relating to the hunters and vampires, points to this little idea. Like some who has been speculating, Kaname might actually have a hand on the plan to make Zero H.A’s next president. I doubt that he has had no communication with Chairman Cross during the past one year. If he’s moving in the shadows to settle issues within the Vampire community, he must have had communicated with Cross to try and sooth frayed relations between the H.A and the Vampire society. To work out a truce is one possible way to make it safer for Yuuki and others like her, to return to the outside world after being isolated for that period of time.


Speaking of Yuuki, it was interesting to learn that she still hasn’t gotten use to the Vampire way of feeding and that after all this time, she still thought of her friend Yori. Then there’s still her private thought of Zero…wondering what he’s doing since the day one year ago. She’ll probably be glad to know that he’s doing better, fighting his blood lust by hunting rogue vampires on the Hunter’s wanted list. I somehow think that her character seems to not develop much…she still the sheltered, isolated girl she was from before. The only difference being that she’s 17 now. Her world is limited to what she sees in front of her. What will happen if she’s let loose to the outside again after a year in isolation? How will she react? Then there’s a possibility that both she and Kaname might come face to face with Zero again.


The latest development and revelation is making me anticipate the next chapter already. There’s still the little matter with Sara and Takuma. I wonder what has happen to Takuma…has he been brainwashed by Sara or has his best buds rescued him from captivity? Hope something of that will be revealed. Finally, what will Zero’s decision be?!

**Credits: Scanlated manga images courtesy of SGK.

5 thoughts on “Vampire Knight Chapter 50 – A tale of two wolves and a princess

  1. I agree with what you say about Yuuki, and I do too hope that once she is out once more some different reactions will happen. But I think her way of handling things is natural in a way… she has been in that house and the only people she probably has seen would be Kaname and Aidou or Seiren.

    She also has a hell of a lot to put together, her past isn’t a mystery anymore but she probably doesn’t know what to do with all the knowledge, she probably maybe is anxious and excited about the prospect of leaving… but so much will be different and with that she’ll have to face it… the not using her fangs intruiged me as well… but she probably has a very odd mind set on it.

    Her thinking of both Zero and Yori make me smile, two people who are both very important to her, I don’t see her really letting go of Yori, but with the new developments maybe some kind of peace can be forged between her and Zero? I hope so as I do miss their friendship.

    I also want to know about Takuma! I’m really worried about him and hope that Kaname is looking into his disapearence. I also miss the other members of the night class! though the Aidou and Yuuki scene had me laughing with how she shoved him away, and their banter! his father also amused me with just interupting them both.

    Hope you don’t mind me responding I just so wanted to see other takes on this chapter 🙂


    • @Sarah: No I don’t mind at all. Always happy to have others giving their comments and POV.

      Actually, Yuuki never appear to really handle anything important independently. She actions and reactions are always motivated by others. She has always been a sheltered person from way back when she was a kid till now. It doesn’t matter whether she was her former human self or her present vampire self. It’s the same, unchanging. The time passes by and she’s still just same old sheltered and protected Yuuki. Everything is being done by others for her sake. Will she ever do anything on her own, have her own say & thoughts on important matters or will she continue to string along? Really, one wonders at such seemingly *weak* female character. It’s a wee bit annoying and borders on the ridiculous at times.


      • Well she can’t really back track now I hope after all she should be getting loads of wake up calls with being a pureblood and surely Kaname will want her to learn more and stand up for herself cause someone won’t always be there and he won’t… she’s got a very long life and pureblood’s clearly have lots of enemies I’m just hoping she learns lots more.

        I like to be optimistic cause despite her flaws I *do* like her character. She is in a high posistion now so she should change you’d think so anyway right? she hasn’t left the house yet… but I’d think so cause things can’t be as they were that isn’t possible anymore.


        • I do agree that she should start thinking like Kaname and not depend on him too much. I would think that’s what Kaname wants as well. Pick up the pieces and move on, grow up and be useful. Kaname’s babying her too much. She does need a good spanking as a wake up call 😆


          • True she does need a wake up call, but a lot of things so far have been letting her stay as she is, so many things have happned that could have made her change but she hasn’t *had* to yet cause like you said she’s been sheltered and I think Kaname is probably scared of letting her do her own thing cause well… she always been sheltered.

            BUT when she leaves that will have to change, as she’ll be of high rank people will expect more of her, and Yuuki has always hated letting people down hasn’t she? she wants to stay friends with Yori, she’ll surely want to improve and learn more!

            It’s easy saying grow up, deal and move on but until she gets the shove or the push or the wake up call herself, I think she’s got a lot that she could be driving herself with! but who knows maybe we will see these improvements?

            I hope so!


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