Ani-Music Select

This isn’t going to be a wordy page, no?!

I decided to keep anime music in one section and this is where Ani-Music Select comes in.  Instead of having a really bothersome long list of songs, they are going to be put into categories.  It’ll make it easier for me to slot and update new releases that made their way into the blog’s music collection and for visitors to look up them up in the sub-sections and pages. F.y.i, the current selection begins with OP/ED releases in 2008.

For a start, Ani-Music Select will have  2 sub-sections.

  1. OP/ED Singles
  2. Anime Soundtrack Releases

However, let it be known that the OP/ED Singles and OSTs listed under these categories does not take into consideration every single titles that are released in a particular season. They are limited to the series that are on Ayu’s current anime watch list or which are recommended by others. 🙂

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