Anime Musings: Oct 2012 Fall Anime Status

Catching up on Fall Anime 2012


Summer has come and gone. I even skipped the seasonal first impressions post as I wasn’t really excited with the shows that aired over the Summer season. The Autumn anime offerings though, are the complete opposite. The new season is very much in full swing as all the shows in the Fall schedule have already aired. I must say that it is rare for me to pick more than a handful of shows to watch after checking out those on my ‘Before Airing List’ in any given season. More often than not, I tend to drop several shows from the initial preview list. Well, I surprise myself this time by not dropping anything outright (perhaps just one).  That’s not to say I follow each one of shows as they air.  It’s just a matter of re-shuffling the priority according to my anticipation and excitement level of the series that I’ve seen so far.  So then, what’s on my before and after ‘Watch List’? Check them out below. 😀

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KuroBas – Why so funny, eh?

Ahem! Happy Mother’s Day to Momsies everywhere including yours! ^_^

What’s that got to do with Kuroko’s Basketball? Nothing really. 😆 I feel the need to just say a greeting and mothers are special people after all. We won’t be here without our mothers now, won’t we?!

But yeah, let’s babble on about Kuroko’s Basketball. This is so random because I just wanted to chatter about KuroBas. See, I put this little montage of images together as a fangirl appreciation. (*^^*)


I‘m really enjoying both the anime adaptation and manga. I dunno about other viewers but I think the anime is hilarious. I thought the mangaka’s humour (or jokes, if you like) translated really well into the anime. I can’t help but chuckle while watching an episode or maybe I’m just shallow and easy to please. Continue reading “KuroBas – Why so funny, eh?”

2012 Spring Anime Watch List: First Impressions


It has been a long while since I posted anything anime related on tBPII. However, a little while back, I did a small preview on my tumblr blog of what I elected to put on my 2012 Spring Anime check-out list. I thought it’d be good to post it here. Well, after watching the 1st episodes from the said list that has already aired (with the exception of Hyouka), you can bet there are changes on what I finally pick for my Spring anime viewing line-up.

Edited [16-Apr]: Audio for “Hiiro no Kakera OP – Nee” by Maiko Fujita is now included.

More After The J U M P

Spreading some Natsume love with fanart


One of the Winter shows that I consistently follow as it airs is ‘夏目友人帳 肆’ Natsume and the Book of Friends Season 4. I would have love to blog the series if I’ve time on my hands but as things are in RL, I much rather stick to just watching it. However, because I enjoy *Shi* as much as I did the past 3 seasons, I decided to poke around pixiv and share some fabulous Natsume fanart I uncovered and liked. Go behind the cut for some manju

BRAVE 10 2nd Trailer is up on youtube


The anime adaptation of Kairi Shimotsuki’s BRAVE 10 is expected to air in January 2012. If you enjoy the manga, then you like me will be curious about the upcoming anime. The 1st anime PV basically contained still image slides that really didn’t give us much of a glimpse of the animation but the 2nd trailer which was recently released on the anime’s official youtube site, shows us some animated footage. I like what I see so far. So what does every one else think of it?

Brave10 PV# 2

A 2nd edition of ani-music selections to wind down to after a maddening day…

Music Post!


I did a similar ani-music compilation like this a while back and here I am with another fresh selection of tracks that I deemed as music to lighten the mood and ease one’s frenzied mind into a relaxing mode after a hard day’s slog. As before, I pick 10 tracks and each of them are from an anime soundtrack, composed by various composers. Of course, it is only natural that they are the ones I find enjoyable as stand alone pieces.  My idea of music to wind down to, are devoid of anything raunchy or loud and it is reflected in the pieces I have chosen for this post.  This tired mind likes to savour, quiet pleasant moments sprinkled with light notes of pick-me -ups. There’s a couple of decent old favourites but most are from fairly recent releases that are on my OST playlist.

So then, let the music speaks for itself… Press to play after the cut