Manga Bites – Darker Than Black ~Shikkoku no Hana~ Chapter 1

Ayumi’s manga blurbs on the recently released seinen title “Darker Than Black ~Shikkoku no Hana“.
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Quick impressions:
Can I say that I’m ecstatic that there’s even a new manga series released for Darker Than Black titled Shikkoku no Hana and it actually precedes Season 2 of the anime version?!  That also means it’ll be *spoiler* heavy for anime fans even though Season 2 has yet to air. I’m also very happy to announce that Chapter 1 of Shikkoku no Hana has been scanlated by M7 and it’s up at this site. The manga raws are up to Chapter 4 at the moment.


The first chapter of the new series picks up where the last episode of DtB Season left off and that is after the explosion of Hell’s Gate in Tokyo. Misaki Kirihara is back and so is her two assistants, Kouno and Saitou. There’s a mysterious guy with long white hair and he’s possibly one of the new antagonist with contractor powers. It appears that Hei is fighting the guy. The long haired guy is suspected to have cause the murders that Misaki and team are investigating.


Apparently, Hei had disappeared after the Hell’s Gate explosion and judging from what Misaki said, he has not been seen in Tokyo for an indefinite period of time until the recent spate of murders occurred. Misaki suspected that Hei may be trying to catch the contractor responsible for the murders. She’s curious as to why Hei returns to Tokyo since the whole world seems to  be after his head for the incident that he caused at Hell’s Gate.  Misaki remarked that BK201 is now under the same sky. She’s still very much fascinated by Hei. Yin is also back and is presumably with Hei when he disappeared from Tokyo.


From what I can tell, the premise of the manga this time seems to focus on the possibility of a person becoming a contractor by choice.  There were previously no reported cases of such happenings but the murders that Misaki’s team is investigating reveal some strange evidence that points to such a possibility. In Misaki’s words, “Something unprecedented is happening under this sky”. The chapter also introduced another new character at the end and she will probably feature prominently in this story arc. I’m interested to see where this new manga series is going and hopefully reveal what Hei was up to after the explosion. It certainly gets me excited for the anime.

**credits: scanlated manga images courtesy of M7.

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