[Snippets] GFantasy Issue 07-14

With Summer Anime airings just round the corner, Kuroshitsuji once again held the cover spotlight in the July issue of GFantasy. Yana Toboso’s manga is one of Square Enix’s cash cows. It has been constantly in the spotlight with stage plays, a movie adaptation and a deluge of merchandising resulting from those. Not to mention, a new anime series that’ll be airing in July. One can see why the new anime will return to its roots instead of veering so far off the left field like the ‘huh?’ inducing Season 2 was. I for one is glad that the anime will continue from the middle part of where season 1 left off before it went completely off it’s source material. 😛

Sebastian and Ciel on the cover of GFantasy’s July issue.
 photo GF_0003.jpg
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Karneval Vol.13 LE and Pandora Hearts Vol.22 SE – Covers plus Inserts

Wow!!! This blog has seen some better days. It has been on a very long hiatus indeed. Even WP has undergone some changes with the blogging interface that I am only aware of now.  But anyway, though I no longer update stuff like I used to, I haven’t been totally inactive. One can still find me re-blogging and sharing stuff on tumblr.  That said, I thought that I share some recent tankoubon releases here for a change.

Does anyone still follow Karneval and Pandora Hearts? Karneval‘s 13th Volume was released on Apr-25 and Pandora Hearts‘s 22nd Volume was out on Apr-26.  The volumes I’d gotten are both limited editions that came with drama CDs. I haven’t gotten round to ripping the CDs yet but who knows, I might just upload and share them in this post as an update later.

A bit of news before I spam this post with scans of the respective tank releases. It was announced that Pandora Hearts’ next volume (#23) will be its last. Well, that is something which is not unexpected as the manga has been headed towards its climax with all the happenings and revelations coming to light in the last couple of volumes. Let’s hope that we’re getting a good climax of an ending. Of course, Karneval on the other hand, is far from over. So fans of Yogi, Gareki and Nai need not worry. ^_^

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Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar 2014

G R E E T I N G S ! Another year is about to end and signs of this are the deluge of ani-manga Calendars being out on sale. One of the fandoms that I frequently keep up with is “PANDORA HEARTS” as those of you who followed my blog would know. I gotten my copy of Mochizuki Jun’s /Square Enix 2014 Calendar of her beloved manga when I got back from Italy. It’s always nice to come home to something that I enjoy and love. I do miss my ani-manga hobby while I was away. But less of that and more of what I’m going share.


 photo PH2014Calendar.jpg

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The Return of UraBoku – Story 53 Chapter Snippets

Time for news of UraBoku!

It’s back, back, back. After nearly a year long hiatus, the new chapter is out! I meant to share the latest snippets right after putting up 07-Ghost final chapter. Somehow, things got busier and I had to set it aside. But anyway, we won’t be having such problems this month. So, keep a look out for the newest teasers. This will become a regular feature, taking over the spot from 07-Ghost which had just ended.

To celebrate UraBoku’s come back, Asuka featured the manga on it’s cover of the Oct issue.
S53 _0001

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07-Ghost Kapitel 99 (End) – The way to Seele is….


 photo K99_0001.jpg

Hey all! How’s every one in the 07-G fandom doing? As you are all aware, the manga by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara has officially ended its run of publication in the Oct 2013 issue of Comic ZeroSum. I’m sure quite a few people who had followed the manga still can’t believe that it’s ending. But yes, it is the end as some of you who have seen earlier spoilers of the final chapter at another site can confirmed. Thus, peeps of the fandom, this closure also means that it will be the last time I’ll post or share anything 07-Ghost. It has been a fun ride sharing the snippets with you all. I will miss the time of the month when I usually bring out the 07-G teasers.

After 07-Ghost, what next …
Just in case some peeps out there think I’m stopping when 07-G ended; I’ll be moving on to other manga titles and one which I’ll be regularly focusing on is ‘UraBoku’. That also means I’ll be back to introduce more manga teasers from ASUKA and Comic ZeroSum. So, it’s definitely not the end of the road for me.  ^_^

But before this post comes to a close, do check out the chapter teasers and my thoughts on it.


07-Ghost Kapitel 98 is the penultimate chapter!

Yes ◕‿◕ it is official. 07-Ghost is finally coming to an end. The last chapter will be out in the October issue of Comic Zero-Sum.

With the penultimate Chapter 98, things seemed to be wrapping up a notch faster than most in the fandom had speculated or anticipated (with some still in denial).  I knew the end is nigh and reckon the manga would end before the year is over. So, that announcement just sort of speaks for itself.

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Sharing some UraBoku Updates and Snippets

Fans of Hotaru Odagiri’s manga ‘Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru’ will be happy to know that their favourite manga is resuming serialization in Gekkan Asuka’s Oct Issue which will come out this month (Aug). To celebrate, the Sept issue of Asuka carries an official announcement plus a brief recap summary of what happened in the previous chapters, just in case us fickle fans suffered from memory loss due to the nearly year long absence of any new chapters. (⌒_⌒;)

Part of a string of stuff that Odagiri-sensei has been doing in the run-up to the resumption of UraBoku, was the recent release of the special collected volume of UraBoku’s play inspired stories plus a short manga that’s related to Toko and Tsukomo Murasame’s childhood. Ayu had meant to share some scanned illustrations from the volume that she’d gotten last month but yeah, she got bitten by the lazy procrastination bug. (ミ´ω`ミ))

Anyway, here are some teasers and volume snippets to satiate your UraBoku cravings until the new chapter dawns upon the fandom at large.

 photo AS9_0001-horz.jpg
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07-Ghost Kapitel 97 – It’s a conspiracy of the highest order…


Hey all. I’m here with the chapter teasers of 07-Ghost Kapitel 97. In this installment, there are more flash backs of Verloren and Eve which I had expected since Ayanami shows up to claim his true body. Having said that, we probably might see more of Ayanami’s past and how he came to be as it was hinted that he was born into the Raggs royal family. Back to the chapter itself, Eve’s death was a tragic sacrifice that triggers a chain of events with far-reaching consequence. And the person responsible is also the biggest conspirator, orchestrating the conspiracy from the highest seat of heaven. More spoilers after the cut…

07-Ghost Kapitel 96: Passing on the torch

Hello 07G fandom!

Once again, it’s time for tBP’s monthly 07-Ghost chapter preview. Better late than never but hey, angsty shouta Frau would have it no other way.

 photo K96-01.jpg

Anyway, what can be seen in this particular chapter is how we were told, Frau came to be the next vessel for Zehel. It’s precisely his backstory that Teito had glimpse into. Did Teito manage to save Frau’s soul? Well, one would think so after he went into all that trouble to stir Frau’s memories and free him from the burden of guilt of losing his mentor. Frau was finally able to let go of his tragic and troubled past. What ties Frau to Teito is Gido who was the former vessel of Zehel. Of course, we still don’t know if Frau will ever go back to the way he was as his body is destroyed. The other thing that bugs me is that death does not come so easily to the Black Hawks. Why am I not surprise that Hyuuga is alive…even if barely? But it was cute that Konatsu fawns and cry over Hyuuga, going so far as to be willing to sacrifice his body parts for him to become whole again. So what will happen now that Ayanami is to unite with his/Verloren’s body? Since we’ve seen the past of the Ghosts, I reckon we’ll be seeing Ayanami’s past being revealed and Teito would most likely be that trigger.

That’s it, peeps. Head over *here* for the chapter snippets or just click on the blue ‘page 2’ button at the bottom of this post. Feel free to drop your views on the chapter. Enjoy!