Mag Snippets: Asuka and Zero-Sum #06/13

Mangazine Digest – June 2013 Edition

It has been a while since I posted any mag updates on this blog. Well, good news to followers of tBP (or not :-P). In this update, I’ll be sharing some manga snippets from both Asuka and Zero-Sum June issues albeit a little late as I have already gotten the July editions of both. I just thought I put them up anyway.

OTH, fans of UraBoku must have been wanting to know if the manga has return. The answer is unfortunately no. The manga is on an indefinite hiatus from Asuka. By the looks of it, UraBoku is coming to an end.  More on its status a little later in this post. In any case, Odagiri-sensei isn’t idling away either. She came out with a one shot manga titled ‘Marebito Cafe‘ and this was published in the June issue of Asuka. So, as an added bonus to fans of UraBoku, I included a full chapter preview in this post.  Do check it out if you enjoy Odagiri-sensei’s work. You’ll find it quite different from UraBoku.

As to the rest… read on.


Karneval once again gets the main cover spot
 photo ZS6_0002.jpg

More Karneval promo, mostly to publicize its anime adaptation & DVDs
 photo ZS6_0007-horz.jpg

Makai Ouji’s promo for its upcoming anime adaptation is in full swing too
 photo ZS6_0009-horz.jpg

And here are some snippets of selected manga titles that appeared in the June issue.

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist: Chapter 43

 photo ZS6_0047.jpg
 photo ZS6_0049-horz.jpg
 photo ZS6_0051-horz.jpg

KARNEVAL: Score 68

In this chapter, Yanari returns and reunites with Nai.
 photo ZS6_0016-horz.jpg

 photo ZS6_0019-horz.jpg
 photo ZS6_0022-horz.jpg
 photo ZS6_0025-horz.jpg

AMATSUKI: Chapter 104

 photo ZS6_0003.jpg
 photo ZS6_0004a-horz.jpg
 photo ZS6_0012-horz.jpg
 photo ZS6_0014-horz.jpg

Are You Alice?: Chapter 48

 photo ZS6_0026-horz.jpg
 photo ZS6_0029-horz.jpg
 photo ZS6_0031-horz.jpg

Hyakka Ryouran-roku: Chapter 6

 photo ZS6_0034-horz.jpg
 photo ZS6_0037-horz.jpg

JOKE:ЯR’S: Chapter 9

 photo ZS6_0040-horz.jpg

SWITCH: Chapter 4

 photo ZS6_0043-horz.jpg

Joker no Kuni no Alice -Circus to Usotsuki Game: Hit 25

 photo ZS6_0046-horz.jpg

Tenkyuugi-Sephirahnatus: Chapter 40

 photo ZS6_0054-horz.jpg

Landreall: Chapter 122 | Clay.Lord -Tsuchi no Ou (Suzumoto Jun) *New

 photo ZS6_0055-horz.jpg

More snippets awaits and this time it is from the June issue of Gekkan ASUKA. There are several one shots manga appearing in this issue which included works from mangaka like Sawaki Otonaki, Aoki Tadashi and Samamiya Akaza. Samurai Drive,  a manga by Kosumi Fujiko also ended on a dramatic note in its final chapter. Let’s just say that it is rather bloody and there’s a lot of body count to boot. But it ends and that’s that. Nonetheless, those who enjoy the mangaka’s art can look forward to her new serialization titled ‘Uchi no Heika ga Shinmai de ‘. Anyway, on to the rest of the teasers.

< ASUKA: JUNE 2013 >

June’s cover spot goes to ‘Kyou kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou!’
 photo AS6_0001.jpg

Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji: Chapter 3

 photo AS6_0006-horz.jpg

Mahou de Chocolat (Aoki Tadashi): One Shot Special

 photo AS6_0015-horz.jpg
 photo AS6_0018-horz.jpg
 photo AS6_0020-horz.jpg

Uchi no Heika ga Shinmai de. (Kosumi Fujiko): Chapter 2 *New

 photo AS6_0012-tile.jpg

Momogumi Plus Senki: Chapter 54 | Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou  (Mikami En/Nakano): Chapter 5
Kyou kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou!: Chapter 92 | Samurai Drive: Finale

 photo AS6_0021-tile.jpg

Hatsukoi Canvas (Samamiya Akaza): One Shot Special

 photo AS6_0024-horz.jpg

Re:STEP (Sawaki Otonaka): One Shot Special

 photo AS6_0027-horz.jpg

Pink to Gray: Chapter 8

 photo AS6_0030-horz.jpg

Yami no Naka no Crown (Fuusoku Jinrui /L.Bushi): Chapter 1 *New
1001 Knights: Chapter 10

 photo AS6_0035-horz-horz.jpg

Preview: July Issue
 photo AS6_0003b-horz.jpg

See next page for the *BONUS* one shot manga by Odagiri Hataru.

13 thoughts on “Mag Snippets: Asuka and Zero-Sum #06/13

    1. @Mila137: For now UraBoku’s short stories volume is only published in Japanese. Unless there are people willing to translate it, I don’t we’ll be seeing any other language versions.


  1. Kazu-chan

    first I don´t speak english very well

    I love your contibutions ♥♥ Thanks so much!!

    YwY Beatiful ♥♥♥ I want to read this oneshot

    I want to upload this one shot and others chapters and my facebook (in my page )

    I’ll give the appropriate credits and will put a link to your page

    I will wait your answer and thanks!!!


    1. @bee: U’r welcome and yes it does. That’s the one shown on the cover. I didn’t scan it cos that the same illustration of Luka I’d posted before. You can find the image in my post for UraBoku’s Volume 12.


  2. gillian

    Thanks for sharing! I had been dying to see some scans of it and you even gave us the whole one-shot. Veyr big thank you.

    And I may not have a clue what is going on all, but the people from the café look very interesting and enjoyable. It feels like there is good atmosphere there and that it’s like a second home for them there. An enjoyable place to be …

    Thanks for the scans upload!



    1. gillian

      Oh and also thank you for the Intel on our dear sensei. Too bad I can’t read Japanese cause I’d love to know what all will be in the background stories. Finally we’ll get to know more!!!! Hurray!



      1. @gillian: 🙂 U’r welcome. Odagiri-sensei did published an special omake/comic and also a timeline of events for the upcoming volume compilation of side stories drawn from the stage play, in the July issue of Asuka. I’ll post some scans of it when I do the next mag updates post.


        1. gillian

          A timeline? Cool! I had heard about the comic and the background stories book coming out, but this timeline is new.

          Thanks for always willing to share with us!



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