Mag Snippets: Asuka and Zero-Sum #06/13

Mangazine Digest – June 2013 Edition

It has been a while since I posted any mag updates on this blog. Well, good news to followers of tBP (or not :-P). In this update, I’ll be sharing some manga snippets from both Asuka and Zero-Sum June issues albeit a little late as I have already gotten the July editions of both. I just thought I put them up anyway.

OTH, fans of UraBoku must have been wanting to know if the manga has return. The answer is unfortunately no. The manga is on an indefinite hiatus from Asuka. By the looks of it, UraBoku is coming to an end.  More on its status a little later in this post. In any case, Odagiri-sensei isn’t idling away either. She came out with a one shot manga titled ‘Marebito Cafe‘ and this was published in the June issue of Asuka. So, as an added bonus to fans of UraBoku, I included a full chapter preview in this post.  Do check it out if you enjoy Odagiri-sensei’s work. You’ll find it quite different from UraBoku.

As to the rest… read on.

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07-Ghost Kapitel 95: Teito got thrown out of doors again

It’s not like the first time that happens but haha, stubborn shounen MC does not know when to give up trying or care that he’s not really wanted by the other spunky blond shounen, who is just as stubborn as he is. Guess who am I on about by checking out the latest chapter teasers after the cut.

Alright then. This image is pretty much self-explanatory, don’t you think? It’s the promo ad for the soon to be released Volume 16. Now that we’re focusing on the main storyline, there is no doubt that Teito takes back the cover feature.
K95 _000

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Eh, did Frau turn into a thingummy scythe in 07-Ghost Kapitel 94…

Noooo, don’t turn Frau into a scythe thingy.  Honestly, I hope that isn’t the case. I want my human ghostie back, onegai-shimasu.  Anyway, if you want to take a further tease peek in to Kapitel 94, just follow the instructions after the Zer0-Sum image cut.

And Mag Digest continues with….

Zero-Sum May 2013 edition features super cute Nai of “Karneval” on the cover. Might I add that fans of the manga is anticipating the much awaited debut of the anime adaptation which will be airing it’s first episode today i.e Wednesday, Apr-3rd. Thus, this cover is to celebrate that. Yay!
ZS5 _0001

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New Year Snippets: UraBoku 2013 Calendar and 07-Ghost Kapitel 91

ヾ(^∇^) Hi all. Ayu is happy to share the first new year mag specials and manga snippets on tBPII. The Feb issue of Asuka came with a bonus 2013 Calendar featuring UraBoku manga illustrations by Hotaru Odagiri. I’ve also gotten the Feb issue of Comic ZeroSum and that means 07-ghost snippets are in store for 07-G fandom. I often look forward to receiving the magazines at this time of year as they tend to come with all sorts of furoku…ha, who doesn’t like getting such freebies. But anyway, on to the bonuses.

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And the long night drags on in 07G Kapitel 90

07-Ghost:  Ahhh, it’s that time of the month again…

This post took longer than I thought. What with an ICT trade show, a charity bazaar and helping a friend in organizing a children’s birthday party all happening one after the other, I barely had room to slow down and catch a breather except to do the scanning. But anyway, 07-Ghost Chapter 90 teasers are up sans the usual word puzzle (I don’t have time to plan one and some of you peeps might be bored with it (after a long wait for the teasers).  So then, enjoy the latest snippets and feel free to discuss the chapter. 😀

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