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From Ayu’s Desk

Hullo visitors and passers-by,

I am Ayumikat, better known as ‘Ayu’ for short. Welcome to my personal blog ‘The Brownie Post II‘.

A little something about me:
I’m an avid but closeted ani-manga fan. Why closeted? Not many people/friends/even family know or appreciate such a hobby. So, I just keep this fascination to myself. Only friends from cyberspace who shares my interest can accept and understand my gravitation towards ani-manga. Of course, it’s not the only hobby I enjoy. I love reading and have read a great many books, enjoys a wide range of music – both instrumental and vocal pieces, likes to dabble in the kitchen from time to time, appreciates the wonders of nature by indulging in a spot of gardening (what can I say, I like watching things grow), enjoys going for strolls and walks, fancies photography etc. To sum it up, I’m *artsy* by nature. One thing for certain, I’m glad that I’m not alone in having such a *childish* hobby…that’s what my RL friends called it. XD

A little something about ‘The Brownie Post II’:
You may (or may not) be wondering why there is a ‘II’ in my blog’s name. That is because my first original blog is called ‘The Brownie Post‘. Due to some unsolvable technicalities, I had to terminate the old blog and started anew again which I did back in late October of 2010. I didn’t want to abandon the original name since many loyal readers, viewers and visitors had gotten so familiar with it. Thus, the roman numeral ‘II’ is used to indicate my blog’s revival and return to the blogosphere universe albeit with some noticeable changes to reflect my ever evolving tastes. Nonetheless, my primary focus is still very much ani-manga related and that is what you’ll get in addition to some side ramblings and random opinions of anything that strikes my fancy.

Well, that’s it really. My short and sweet (I hope) intro.  Thank you for dropping by and reading this.  Your visit is much appreciated.

Edit: In regards to comments, I do read all comments and tries to reply to them when time permits. Please don’t feel that you’re ignored if I don’t respond immediately. Rest assured, comments are always welcome and appreciated. 🙂

The Dreamer that is Ayu 😀

If for some reason you should wish to contact me, email me here: ayumikat.tbp[at]gmail.com

17 thoughts on “About tBP II

    1. @rina: You can subscribe to the manga magazines at cdjapan. That’s where I got my monthly subscription from. But if you don’t want to subscribe and only want to buy individual copy, you can still do so. You can also buy single issues from amazon.co.jp. HMV Japan use to have it as well but it appears they don’t sell it anymore except for JumpSQ. Anyway, hope that helps.


  1. LunaStories

    This is LunaStories >.<,
    I'm so sorry about the lj message thing, I'm a derp at technology and didn't even know that until you told me D: Ummm….I guess we can talk to each other through email? 😀 *Not sure how you want to do it* :3 But send me an email if that's so 🙂


  2. Hi, Ayumikat! It’s phio_chan again here… Sorry for always poking you for the question I mentioned in my first e-mail. It’s almost two months… Are you still able to help? It’s okay if you can’t, but please do let me know so I can seek help somewhere else. Thank you!


    1. I kinda scan it a quarter of the way thru and stop. Meant to continue with it but for some reason it was left unattended until now. Anyway, I should complete it and send the scans out soon enough. Sorry for the massive delay. The next time we communicate will be by email. 😛 😀
      mess 4


  3. Hello, Ayumikat! 🙂
    I don’t know if you received my e-mail recently. I am phio_chan. I asked you if you can help my scan group with Messiah ~Seiiki Ishyuu~ raws which was serialized in Asuka in 2011-2012 if I understand correctly.
    Sorry for the rush, and thank you! ❤


      1. phio_chan

        Hi, Ayumi. This is phio_chan again.
        I’m so sorry for nagging you about this, but since you didn’t reply to my e-mail or tweet… haha~ Well, just wondering how it goes with Messiah. Again sorry and thanks!


        1. hi phio_chan,
          Apologies for not replying sooner. My room has just undergone a makeover so I’ve been busy with moving stuff in and out and in again, getting things in place. 😛 So that kinda halt all my scanlation activities. Anyway, I haven’t forgotten your request. Since I’m almost done with getting my stuff set-up, I’ll get back to some scanning. It’ll be after I get my Zero-Sum June issue up though. I’ll drop an email right after that. 🙂



  4. tatsumi_ogre06

    Hi there, I have been reading your blogs for quite some time and I love your enthusiasm for ani-manga. I felt like I needed to thank you for the spoilers of 07G posted on 07 ghost lj community. So seriously THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
    I find your work quite interesting and I saw on your blog that you are into a number of projects. I am just being curious………do you spend a lot of time doing those great projects? How do you manage to deliver? I am guessing Raws are easily available in your area so maybe the job is easy. Oh ,now I am getting really jealous of you . Anyway if you ever read this comment please reply.


    1. @tatsumi, Ayu thank you for dropping by. 🙂
      *Is happy* that you found what you like on tBPII. Ayu appreciates it very much.
      Yes, I’m a contributor to several projects, working with several scanlation groups…the main one being TZA ie The Zero Alliance. I sometimes posted stuff over there when I can. I work on the manga projects on an ‘as and when’ basis….meaning, everything is subjected to the limited available free time that I have set aside. However, RL activities still rules over my ani-manga fascination. As regards to raws, well I personally subscribed to the manga magazines of which I share snippets from. That made it somewhat convenient in regards to my hobby. Hope that answers your curiosity. 🙂


    1. @tarigarma:

      Welcome to Ayu’s blog.

      How do u join? You don’t actually. If you are referring to accessing the monthly 07G manga spoilers I posted on this site, you just need to answer the brain teaser question I post before the actual spoilers. The correct answer will allow you the see the actual chapter snippets. Everyone will have to go thru this process. There is no exception. 07G fans from the 07G community who frequented this blog are subjected to the same requirements.

      Unless you mean you want to be join the blog as a writer…that’s another different matter altogether. 🙂

      I hope that answers your question.


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