From the Desk: Misc updates, babblings and such…

Well, Hullo Peeps. Time for some random updates, babblings and then some…


I say it again, time surely flies. Autumn will soon come to past, giving way to Winter. And before you know it, the whole world will greet a brand new calendar year. But what have I been doing whilst the moon waxes and wane, you ask?! Continue reading “From the Desk: Misc updates, babblings and such…”

From the desk: Baack from my holiday :)

If anyone wondered why there isn’t any activity on tBPII or nary a tweet from me for the past one week, it’s because I’ve been on an eagerly awaited and much needed holiday. In fact, I’d gotten back only yesterday. It feels fab to be away from any form of internet communication during the break. All I did was relax and enjoy myself, being with friends and family, without a care in the world really. It was a total blast. I also had the best surprise birthday present ever and that’s a stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with a breathtaking 5-star view of the bay (from the 24th floor). What more could a girl asked for? How about an all day pass at Universal World plus a 2 nights stay at the Swiss MÖvenpick Heritage Hotel? I’m floored by all the surprises but it was the funnest time I had in a long, long while. On that note, I want to thank those of you who’ve sent me birthday wishes. ❤ ^_-

Here’s a postcard view from my room at Tower 1 of S’pore’s Marina Bay Sands which I took with my camera.
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Fotolog: The Evening Sky

How did this shot happen? I wind down the window of the car I was traveling in and simply point my camera backwards without looking at the viewfinder or the screen and took a random snap of the vista behind as I was leaving for dinner on a recent evening. I did that while the car was moving albeit slowly so that I can take the shot. I’m rather chuffed and surprised at the results.
The dusky hues of the sky that evening was too lovely for words. It’s mother nature at one of her bests. I wonder if people really take their time to note these simple wonders of nature sometimes…especially in the hectic and hasty world we live in. I definitely do and when I least expect it, my tired eyes are being rewarded with the most amazing natural displays that mother nature so generously wrought. So peeps, no matter how busy you are…do take stock and appreciate the simple things in life, ya?! After all, they are free and they don’t cost you a single cent.  ^_^

From the desk: Having herbal tea and chasing the blues away with music

Ta dah…this is actually a small music post disguised as a random update 😆 (j/jkg)

Ya, Ayu is still very much alive although she’s been rather quiet. Quiet on the blogging scene but definitely not in the real world where things are mad cap busy. Been under the weather as well and is currently on medication to stave off the onset of a cold (flu). Hopefully, it won’t descend into a full blown mess. DO NOT WANT!

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Random fiddling – Giving my ol’ desktop a new look :)

Another oh! so random post.

How do I look now with my new updated look, eh? Neat or not? If you don’t already know, blue is my overwhelmingly favourite colour and it’s the main colour theme for my desktop…as you can see. (^_-)

Time on my hands, nay you must be joking. I didn’t want to be bored out of my wits looking at the same old image and arrangement on my desktop screen which is considerably ‘old’ anyway. I reckon it needed a makeover of sorts. Clean out the clutter, change the wallpaper and updated it with google desktop gadgets to give it a spanking new look. Guess I’m happy with it for the time being. I’m so not techno savvy especially when I’m still having a hard time trying to figure out Ubuntu on my netbook. Awfully glad it had a dual OS that I could switch back to Windows. So duh! I know. Oh well, at least, I managed to fix my trusty old desktop pc. 😆