New Year Greetings!

Happy New Year 2014 everyone.

Thank you for visiting tBPII over the past year. It has been a rather quiet year of inactivity in this blog as I’m now on semi-hiatus. Time passes, some things remained the same but for the most part, a lot of changes has happened in RL. As such, the New Year will most likely sees less blogging activity. Nonetheless, tBPII shall chug along as and when Ayu can managed. I hope everyone else have had an awesome past year and looking towards an even more promising start to the New Year of the Horse.


KuroBas – Why so funny, eh?

Ahem! Happy Mother’s Day to Momsies everywhere including yours! ^_^

What’s that got to do with Kuroko’s Basketball? Nothing really. 😆 I feel the need to just say a greeting and mothers are special people after all. We won’t be here without our mothers now, won’t we?!

But yeah, let’s babble on about Kuroko’s Basketball. This is so random because I just wanted to chatter about KuroBas. See, I put this little montage of images together as a fangirl appreciation. (*^^*)


I‘m really enjoying both the anime adaptation and manga. I dunno about other viewers but I think the anime is hilarious. I thought the mangaka’s humour (or jokes, if you like) translated really well into the anime. I can’t help but chuckle while watching an episode or maybe I’m just shallow and easy to please. Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s and Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Hello Minna-san! It has been a while since Ayu last posted anything on tBPII. Life’s awfully busy these days. Oh but this cheesy occasion is just the perfect excuse for me to make a post. LOLZ!

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s and Single Awareness Day to all of you whether you be with your beloved, close friends or family. Milk the day for all its commercialized excesses. Muahaha!!! ^_^