[Snippets] GFantasy Issue 07-14

With Summer Anime airings just round the corner, Kuroshitsuji once again held the cover spotlight in the July issue of GFantasy. Yana Toboso’s manga is one of Square Enix’s cash cows. It has been constantly in the spotlight with stage plays, a movie adaptation and a deluge of merchandising resulting from those. Not to mention, a new anime series that’ll be airing in July. One can see why the new anime will return to its roots instead of veering so far off the left field like the ‘huh?’ inducing Season 2 was. I for one is glad that the anime will continue from the middle part of where season 1 left off before it went completely off it’s source material. 😛

Sebastian and Ciel on the cover of GFantasy’s July issue.
 photo GF_0003.jpg
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Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar 2014

G R E E T I N G S ! Another year is about to end and signs of this are the deluge of ani-manga Calendars being out on sale. One of the fandoms that I frequently keep up with is “PANDORA HEARTS” as those of you who followed my blog would know. I gotten my copy of Mochizuki Jun’s /Square Enix 2014 Calendar of her beloved manga when I got back from Italy. It’s always nice to come home to something that I enjoy and love. I do miss my ani-manga hobby while I was away. But less of that and more of what I’m going share.


 photo PH2014Calendar.jpg

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Pandora Hearts Vol.19 – Cover plus Inserts

A little late with my post again but I’m back with some images of Pandora Hearts Vol.19 that featured Alyss on the cover. Yes this is the normal/regular edition. I believe the special edition is with Oz on the cover which someone had posted and shared on LJ earlier on. The SE version also came with a figurine of Oz. Anyway, volume 19 was released on Nov-27 and contained 4 chapters i.e. Retrace 75-78. Plenty of revelations and developments in those chapters if I may say so. Like the manga, then do support the mangaka and publisher by buying the official tankoubon releases.

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A Peek at Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar 2013

Is it the new year already?
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Being a fan of Pandora Hearts and of Mochizuki Jun‘s artwork, I’m always looking forward to the manga publication’s annual calendar releases. Pandora Hearts Calendar for 2013 is now out on sale and I’ve gotten my copy just a day after it was released on Nov-11. I’m happy with Mochi-Jun’s choice of illustrations for the new calendar. It’s worth getting a copy as there are 5 new illustrations along with the ones that were done for the manga chapters and covers published in GFantasy of this year. Once again, I have my picks of favourites from the 12 months of lovely PH art. So, which ones are your favourites? Care to share your picks here? Then, do drop your comments on it after taking a peek of the new PH calendar, courtesy of Ayu.

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Pandora Hearts Vol.17 Regular Edition – Cover plus Inserts


Pandora Hearts Vol.17 was released on Mar-27 and it came in two different editions i.e. the normal and the special limited edition. The difference between the two is the cover art illustrations plus the limited edition also came with key rings. It seems that many in the fandom ordered the special edition because of the extras and it was out of stock on some online bookstores. I, on the other hand chose to buy the normal edition and thus, I scan the cover plus inserts like I always do when I received a new volume and post them here. I like the Jacket cover art which features Lacie in front and Revis on the back portion. Other than that, everything else appears the same as the special edition volume. As far as I’m aware of, there are more scans of the limited edition being shared in the fandom but little to no scans of the normal version. So, here they More PH goodies after the jump

A Peek at Pandora Hearts [Comic] Calendar 2012

A Special Post!

PH2012 - V2 (1)
You know it’s that time of the year again when 2012 calendars start sprouting up all over the web and online stores. Well, Ayu is very happy to share a peek of the newly released Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar for 2012 with fans of PH and the rest of the manga fandom. I received my copy of the calendar this week and love it. You’ll be pleased to know that Mochizuki-sensei added several new illustrations. Among those we’ve seen before are illustrations that appeared in the publications over the year and to me, they are still fairly new. Well then, I am sure everyone has their favourite month(s) that they would like to share with me.  Want to know what’s mine? Find out after the cut! 😀

Peek at your PH birth month behind the cut

Multi Mag Blurbs: Asuka 11, Avarus 11 and GFantasy 11

Blurbs, blurbs and more blurbs – Oh So Not Random!

Time for another Mangazine Digest post. In fact, this is a multi-post mag updates featuring the November issues of Asuka, Avarus and GFantasy. It’s more than a little late which is why I scrap the individual mag feature and decide on a one shot, multi-mag updates for this round. Nonetheless, I hope you regulars would still find the bumper snippet spam enjoyable and *spoiler-y*. 😛  Newer updates are in cue with the December issues coming my way and I know most of the peeps from a particular fandom are anxiously waiting for ‘THAT’ chapter teasers.  It will be fun to see how many of you in the fandom make it past my next *trap*.  I am pleasantly surprised that a number of newcomers to my blog from the said fandom made it through the 1st one and left their comments in the actual teaser post. Regulars are a little spoiled from before but really, you peeps should amp-up for the next one.  Don’t give up so easily.  Ah…to those who don’t know what the dinkums am I babbling about, fret not…the longer you patronized tBPII, the better educated you are on what’s going on. XD

Alrightey! On to the onslaught of image heavy mag snippets.
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Blurbs on GFantasy Issue 10/11

Manga Digest continues with blurbs on GFantasy Issue 10/11!

Ayu says:
“GFantasy Oct issue is truly a bumper one. It’s soooo thick and you know what, it’s packed with one of the biggest twist of a tale that I’ve read this month. Seriously, Oct is a month full of twists and turns from several of my regular favourites. But OMG, GFan tops the list with two fantabulously awesome chapters, one of them is just so mind blowingly good. I could go on and on but yeah…nobody wants mindless babblings now, do they?!” 😛

Who’s on the cover you ask? A bunch of boys from a slow-mo manga called ‘Kimi to Boku‘ trying to appear bad-ass…LOL. That’s because the boys are going to have their own animated show on TV next month. Cue the ‘cool’ shot for the cover. XD That’s right peeps, Hotta Kichi’s ‘Kimi to Boku’ will air this coming OCT.
Honestly, the cover illustration induces lots of chuckles from moi. ^o^

This way for more blurbs on GFantasy Oct issue ->

Pandora Hearts Vol.15 – Cover plus Inserts


Pandora Hearts Volume 15 is here. The collected volume of chapters 58 to 61 was out in stores on Jul-27. While Vol.14 has Elliot on the cover, it was in this volume that things really went downhill for him. We also get to find out the person who’s actually behind Humpty Dumpty and Glen’s true vessel awakening. It’s one exciting and darkest volume yet. The volume is available to order at the regular online stores.

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