About tBP (Now Defunct)

I decided to keep my previous ‘About’ page here as a remembrance of the original ‘The Brownie Post’ aka ‘tBP’ which has been taken offline permanently. ‘tBP‘ is my first ever WP blog and had breached the half a million mark views in September 2010 with most of the increased in viewership taking place within the last 3 months. That’s probably because I became more active after stalling for half a year due to RL related changes. With the increased traffic came increased spamming which caused all kinds of problems and the site gets reported for attracting spam. Geez! Thus, I had to make a decision to take it offline at the cost of loosing my regular visitors.  It is rather unfortunate that I did it too quickly without notifying the regulars and blog subscribers.  What’s done is done, so I bid farewell to my beloved ‘tBP’ and began life anew.

“Farewell, Sayonara! RIP The Brownie Post”

Sob, sob. It was good while it lasted. Here’s hoping it’s legacy leaves on in ‘The Brownie Post II‘ (formerly known as Aozora Dreams).  Oh the dorama, I’m not going anywhere now, am I?

Eh! What is this about, you ask? Nothing effusively fancy I’m afraid. Initially this Blog’s humble beginning is to record thoughts, reflections of life’s idiosyncrasies, random babbling on trivial pursuits and happenings that may have nibble at this Blogger’s mental scape at any given time and space. It was meant to be shared with friends and family. Of course, any casual souls that happens to wander into its space have always been welcome to take a peek into its drawers of miscellaneous ramblings and opinions.  But as time goes by, specific pursuits and interests of this Blogger began to take shape and grow.  Thus, this blog slowly evolves into what it is today. It is still evolving and hopes to find its own little comfortable corner in the vastness of the blogosphere universe.

If you happened to be one of the random souls who wanders into this site, thank you for visiting. Oh ya, have some tea & coffee while you’re reading this, with biscuits and cookies on the side.  That would be a token of my thanks and appreciation for your visit.

16 thoughts on “About tBP (Now Defunct)

  1. Hi, I found your blog when I was looking up the correct romaji for the Kuroshitsuji insert song, “Kagayaku sora no seijaku niwa” (I’m listening to it right now in fact! Love love Kalafina!)

    It’s a pity you had to abandon your blog because of spam 😦 you could try Akismet (you can find the link in your WordPress settings). I’ve found it has only once ever wrongly labelled a spam comment as not spam, and even then the comment was held for moderation so it wasn’t a complete fail.


  2. Ana

    Ah hello Ayu

    I was wondering if it was possible to obtain some manga scans from you

    I am from israel and we don’t have Manga here so I was wondering If I could use the raws and translate them into hebrew?

    I don’t upload them onto a public site and my previous person who gave them to me monthly dissapeared

    Please help save the stranded otakus!


    1. @Ana:
      Firstly: Welcome to tBPII.
      Secondly: Pertaining to your request, please refer to the Projects Page and scroll down to the bottom to read the simple rules about requesting for raws. Please ‘PM’ me accordingly and state the scanlation/community you are translating for (incl the website) and the titles you are interested in. I will respond appropriately.



  3. mei

    hi ayumikat…i’m glad to have found this site….especially with someone who enjoys KOKIA’s music.

    thanks for all the interesting information on anime music/OST.



  4. Crazytuna

    Good day to you Ayumikat
    and I must say, I’m glad I tumbled on your site (I was looking for the release of date of Shion Tsuji M/elody) caue it’s one of the rare sites that keeps up with the anime music 😀

    cheers to you, and long live The Brownie Post!


    1. ayumikat

      @Crazytuna, thanks for dropping by. Glad you found what you’re looking for at tBP. I’m always happy to be of some help to anime music fandom…haha. 🙂


  5. ayumikat

    Hi Tokyo Gurl ~ Thanks for dropping by. My Yuuko Uchihara image is from a xxxholic scan courtesy of ‘deepgraysea’. The picture and colours were slightly modified for my banner. Yuuko is my favourite character from xxxHolic. 🙂


  6. Tokyo Gurl

    hey, just another random soul. the name of your blog caught my attention at first, real cute. where’s your header from and who’s it by? i’ve seen some similar pictures with the same girl but dunno who its by and its bugging me! lol.


  7. Ooo..looks like another random soul passed by.

    You’ve quite an eloquent way of writing. Looks like this random soul will be haunting sticking here for a while. 😦

    Coffee sounds nice..


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