ASUKA Issue 05/12 and Uraboku Story 48 Snippets

Q: Who do we have on May’s cover of Asuka?
A: Shurei and her harem from Saiunkoku Monogatari
It’s May already and isn’t it appropriate to share snippets from the May Issue of ASUKA. It’s later than expected and I do have the current June Issue in hand as well although I won’t post teasers from that copy yet. With that said, there’s no new Uraboku chapter in the June issue. That means the Uraboku fandom will have to wait longer for the next chapter. It is one of the reason why I forgo a quick Uraboku spoiler post earlier on.  I’m not even sure if there’s a new chapter in the coming July issue. Anyway, those of you looking forward to Story 48 shall be pleased because I’m posting the chapter teasers right here.

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With Story 47, we are one chapter away from ASUKA’s May edition that will bring us up to the most current chapter of Uraboku. I ‘m sure some of you lucky Uraboku fans managed to get hold of the surprise cookie that I placed in the previous spoiler post for a short and limited time only. So it can’t be helped if people expect more of the same. Unfortunately, that is very much a one-off thing. But fret not, because you’ll get to view more than expected. I’m still serving cookies but of a different kind. 🙂



**Blink and you’ll miss it**

I made a snippets gif of the chapter. This will probably be the method to adopt for all other manga spoilers I’m sharing in the future. Anyway, this chapter flashes back for us to catch up with Toko and Shusei who were both sent on a private mission to investigate strange happenings. During their trip, they ran into a powerful opast who had attack a civilian. We know from Story 45 that they got separated and Shusei appeared to be badly hurt. To find out what happened to get them so badly beaten, stay tune for Story 47 which should be up very soon. Curious for more, then go behind the cut for a special Uraboku surprise!

Asuka Issue 05/11: Snippets from Uraboku Chapter 41

I bring you snippets from Chapter 41 of ‘Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru‘ (aka Uraboku) which appeared in the May issue of Gekkan ASUKA.  Of course, I’ll still be doing the regular mag updates from the issue (but a little later than usual).  This post is especially for fans of Uraboku who’ve been waiting patiently for a new chapter since Odagiri-sensei went on a long break many moons ago.  I gotta say Chapter 41 is rather amusing where everyone’s on a relaxing break.  I like the infusion of comedy especially how the characters interact with one another (*cues Hotsu & Kuroto) which made me *lol*. Anyway, scroll down for the snips.

This isn’t the cover for Chapter 41 though. It’s actually a colour spread from ASUKA Comics Premium, a bonus freebie that came in the May issue. *I will make the short comics available for interested scanlators/translators on LJ.

[Scans] Pandora Hearts Vol.12 – Cover, Inserts plus Extras

Manga Digest Volume scans – Pandora Hearts Vol.12

Another newly collected volume of Pandora Hearts is released on Jul-27. Volume 12 covers Retrace 47 to 50 of the current ‘headhunter’ arc. This time Ada Vessalius gets to feature on the main jacket cover. A short omake focusing on Gil is also included. Glen-sama and Jack made an appearance on the book cover too. Gfantasy August Issue has a bonus alternative jacket cover to commemorate the new volume release which I’m sharing here as well.

Speaking of the volume itself, it’s one of the gloomiest yet but has some of the funniest moments with Oz play-acting to fool Mr. Creepy Isla Yura. Ada has her moments too especially when she totally creeps Vincent out on one of their dates. *LOL* I haven’t been posting on recent chapters but I love all the mysterious, dark undertones that had been building up and up. It feels like something horrible is about to explode out into the open. Retrace 51 left us with an ominous cliffy. I seriously hope Reim/Liam isn’t dead. It’ll be a major character death if Jun Mochizuki decides to kill him off.

Enough of my idle gab and onwards to the images. Enjoy!

Note: Use the images as you may but please don’t claim them as your own!

Jacket Cover: Front – Ada Vessalius
More Pandora Hearts V12 goodies behind the cut

Uraboku Vol.06 & 07 Covers, Inserts, X’tras + Chapter 39 [Gekkan Asuka #08]

[Scans] Volume covers, Inserts plus extras from Uraboku Vol.6 and 7 plus Chapter 39 from Gekkan Asuka Issue No.8.

I haven’t seen scans of the last two Uraboku tankoubon volumes (Vol.6 & 7) elsewhere thus that made it possible for me to share mine but only that of the covers, inserts and extras from the volumes. As I mentioned in a previous MD post, I’m not really keen to scan entire volumes because it’s not what I wanted to do in the first place. I did, however, include some *spoiler* images from vol.7 which I deemed as a small fan-service preview for the Uraboku fandom. Preview more Uraboku love behind the cut