Ryo Takahashi’s TOXIC Vol.2 – Covers + Inserts

A little while back, I’d announced the release date of Toxic’s Volume 2 over at TZA. Well, the latest volume goes on sale on Aug-12 and I have a copy of it. 🙂

Toxic V2 (1)

But first *SPOILERS* for the latest chapter since I’m at it…

Chapter 13 induces an *OMIGOSH, What the heck just happen?* type of response from me. Although I wouldn’t put it past him despite his downgrading by the Fuhrer, Herr Abel Kaufman is truly eviiilllllicious. I was right in fearing for Louis’ survival especially in his precarious position but he turns out to be a lot stronger than he appears to be. And OOOOH MY! LOUKAS!!!! What I had feared for Louis is happening to dear Loukas instead. He’s still such a young and naive person despite his lofty and dangerous ambition. But the cliffhanger is just T_T.  Louis is sooooo sweet.  Now I really fear for both brothers. I hope it’s not the end of the road for them. (^_^;;
~End of C13 *SPOILERS*~


Jacket Cover: Front with side flap
Jacket Cover: Back with side flap
Jacket Cover: Front and Back
Book Cover: Front
Book Cover: Back
Insert: Colour Page
Insert: Contents Page
Insert: Character Illustrations with Stats

Abel is only 21. He’s soooo much younger than his character portrays. I would at least thought he’s 26 or older than Louis but wow, such a young sadist that’s totally baaaaaad n hot! 😛


~つづく till next time~

You may use the images for graphical purposes, etc but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere w/o permission. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference.

2 thoughts on “Ryo Takahashi’s TOXIC Vol.2 – Covers + Inserts

  1. OMIGOSH. Thank you so much, Ayu! (And… happy birthday.)

    Oh. Guess I wasn’t wrong about his hair colour ages ago. 😛

    He’s that young?! I thought he’s older too, at least older than Louis. Man, young bloods. xD


    1. @atemu-mana:
      Ur welcome and thank u for the BD wishes. 🙂
      Yep, judging from his character, one would think that Abel is older than 21 but he’s the same age as Louis.
      Young and dangerous. 😛


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