Tale of the Stars: Eternal Shine by Kagaya Studios


I’m a huge admirer of Kagaya‘s digital art especially his imaginative depiction of the celestial bodies. I guess it’s because I have a great fascination for what’s out there in our mysterious but wondrous and infinite universe. I love stories relating to the astrological signs and fell in awe of Kagaya’s artistic portrayal of the heavenly world. He managed to weave a little tale of fantasy around his illustrations which I found to be inspiring. His studio has gone on to produce a CG animated planetarium show of his famed art series ‘The Celestial Railroad‘ which was based on Kenji Miyazawa‘s tale called ‘Night of the Milky Way Train‘. Kagaya Studio is currently producing a second CG planetarium show called ‘Tale of the Stars‘ which will be released next year. It will only be screened at 3-D planetariums, not cinemas.

Here’s a teaser trailer for ‘Tale of the Stars: Eternal Shine’

The music is by Himekami and the theme song is performed by ORIGA whose heavenly vocals you can hear in the trailer.

And if you haven’t seen ‘The Celestial Railroad’, here’s a glimpse of what it is about. Made me recall ‘The Polar Express’ which is a favourite Christmas movie. xD

7 thoughts on “Tale of the Stars: Eternal Shine by Kagaya Studios

  1. karen

    May i know where can i watch kagaya’s planetarioum show in japan? I plan to visit japan but dont know where to find his studios and watch his show.


  2. lenaleemelodee

    I’ve just found out. Did you know that Origa is Russian? O.o Her real name is Olga Yakovleva. Wow. Didn’t know my fellow native people had such beautiful voices xD


    1. Yup! I know she’s Russian and she speaks and sings in Japanese rather fluently. Origa is most famous for her contributions to Ghost in the Shell series where she sung the theme songs. She also performed the insert and theme songs for anime series ‘Fantastic Children’. I love her vocals and particularly love the ED theme for Fantastic Children.
      Such a sad song and beautifully sung.
      Mizu no Madoromi


  3. lenaleemelodee

    I’m not really a fan of digital art like that, I mean… I’m not fond of Final Fantasy and so on. But THIS is just wow, and in a 3D planetarium! We definitely won’t get it here…. But I LOVE planetariums (ah, memories of that one magical day in Boston…), I’m super excited about this now, but I doubt we’ll see it here >.<

    Oh Origa is kinda like a mixture of KOKIA and Shikata Akiko. Love the song, love the music. Thank you for enlightening me!^^
    Btw, I also like Polar Express. It's not my most fave Christmas movie, but… wait, I have no idea what my most fave Christmas movie is O.o I do love Coca Cola Christmas commercials though xD


    1. I guess it depends on the subject matter and what appeals to viewers. I’m not too fond of digital art myself but I love Kagaya’s work and his first planetarium show is quite a treat to see. I’m hoping to catch Tale of the Stars when I visit Japan next year. xD

      As for ‘The Polar Express’, what appeals most to me is the childhood fantasy aspect and the meaning behind the story in that as the children grew into adults, they lost the ability to indulge in fanciful imagination or marvel at the wondrous things they used to see as children with their wide innocent eyes that have yet to be corrupted by ways of the adult world. That is what made me appreciate the story and made me rekindle memories of my own childhood fantasies. xD


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