Lost for Words

The days of being part of the ani-manga blogging community seemed to have left me by the way side ages ago. Time and circumstances changed and so does our lifestyle. As much as I thought I could cater to my closet hobby by blogging, I am rather defeated. I still do watch anime and read manga and yes, listen to lots of music which is something I’ll never stop doing. But gone are the days when I could spare time to write and blab about my favourite shows, manga or music.

Having said that, I just couldn’t give up on the Brownie Post. After due consideration, I decided to keep this old blog alive by sharing another favourite hobby of mine.  Snapshots! I can’t say I’m a good photographer (in fact, I’m just a below average one) but hey, I can say that I’m a snapshooter (is there even such a word). One of my blogger friends suggest I post images or pictures from my travels. I think to myself ‘why not’ since I have built up quite a considerable collection.  As they say, pictures can tell a thousand words.  Well, it saves me from mindless babbling. So there you go and here I am.
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Update [14-10-12]: All out of sorts!

Recent happenings on tBP and it is not very pleasant at all!

I really hate it when things like these happened but yeah, spams and spambots are awfully annoying. It appears that my twitter acc has been *hijacked* (for want of a better description) by the irksome ‘spambot’ and tBP is seemingly infected to a lesser extent.  I supposed it is partly due to me not being that active on either sites in recent months and thus, neglecting to review the security measures.  But that part has been remedied for now. Guess I have to be on my toes with these things more often than not.

Anyway, I would like to apologize to the regulars who have commented on tBP’s most recent posts as I assumed that some of you may have noticed that the newer comments had disappeared and wondered why. Well, your comments along with my responses/replies were deleted due to the above mentioned spam infection. So, please understand that I had no intention of deleting valid comments or ignoring legitimate commenters as you are all lovely people. More often than not, I always try to respond to all genuine comments.  Hopefully, there will less problems of this sort popping up in future and I won’t have to take drastic action like deleting the blog again. Sigh!

On forced temporary hiatus but I’m back…. at long last, I think :P

Hi Peeps!  Ayu is crying tears of joy because she finally has gotten her internet access back…in the interim, at least.  *Waves* to everyone who has been following tBPII and finding out this blog is soooo dead silent for the longest time.

Yo! In case anyone is wondering where the hell have I been to this past one month, I’ve been on internet limbo due to a seemingly unresolvable connectivity issue. I’m not even sure if I’ll be staying connected like this for long as I’ve been told to test my newly configured wi-fi broadband connection for at least several days and see if it is working without further issues. Let’s hope nothing weird happens during this period.

I already miss so many things and had a huge backlog of fandom stuff to catch up on. This, coupled with being totally busy with my RL work definitely floored me from having regular updates up on this blog. Will things ever be normal? Even I don’t have an answer to that. The only thing I can say is that I’ll stick to what I can and keep it going when I can. Oh of course, I do have a life outside of not having internet and being away from fandom activity…hehehe. I’ve become a rather avid photographer, improving my skills aplenty while traveling around with friends.

Anyway, to all who have been following tBPII, thank you so much for being lovely peeps and continuously checking out this blog even if there has been a lack of activity for a long while now. Hopefully, I can catch up with fandom stuff again and share them with you peeps in the days ahead. ^_-


Quick updates from Ayu

Hello peeps! It doesn’t take a genius to notice that I’ve not been regularly posting on tBP in recent times. There are priorities in life that over ride any one’s fanciful hobbies at any one time for anybody and it is the same with me. Thus, the long absences and lack of updates. As such, you’ll find me getting into microblogging more frequently these days (see my tumblr, 😛 ). It is a quicker and shorter way of updating the fandom on what I’m up to or what holds my interest without racking my brain plus, it doesn’t take up a huge portion of time.

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Hello! Belated New Year Greetings To Everyone.

Happy New Year Peeps! 😛

I know this is such a belated greeting but still, I think that you peeps deserved some words of update from me seeing as I’ve been inactive on tBPII for a time. Well, I’m back from a much-needed hiatus and decidedly, not everything is going as smooth as I hope Continue reading “Hello! Belated New Year Greetings To Everyone.”

Quickie: I fell and tumblr with the rest… resistance is futile, somewhat XD

What do you know. I resist for as long as I could but in the end, I became one with the tumblr’ing crowd, a growing one I must add. It is an easier platform for short stops and quick posts than LJ which is more community-based. Since my time blogging regularly on tBPII has become somewhat irregular and twitting has its limitations, Tumblr seems like a good idea for specific quickies that I want to zoom in at and share stuff. Seeing as I’ll be posting quickies & photos from Japan when I’m there, Tumblr fits perfectly for that purpose. Having said that, tBPII still remain as my humble premiere blog that is my choice for lengthier babblings, pic-spamming and what not.

If you want to catch me on Tumblr, you can do so here at: SORASCAPE. Like-wise, if you are on Tumblr, drop me a link to your homepage in the comments section should you want me to be a part of your crowd. 😀