Thank You… for the memories

Track Title: Thank You
Composer: Tsutchie
OST: Samurai Champloo Music Records: Playlist

Ah, It’s nice to listen to this again. From an album full of funky beats, the opening track is the one that brings out a rush of memories. Has it really been that long since Samurai Champloo came out? Amazing how the music still stays as fresh as the day they were released.

This is strangely soothing…

Track title: Primavera
Composer: Iwasaki Taku
Ost: Gatchaman Crowds ‘INSIGHT’

This piece hooks me in at first listen. Sometimes, Taku Iwasaki comes up with a track that just do that to me. I supposed some listeners might find  parts of the music a bit repetitive but I didn’t think that at all. There was that something that made it not sound that way. Really. What was I trying to say… But yeah, strangely soothing.

An afternoon coffee break

Every now and then, I do like to take pictures of food like this one here…coffee and cakes. They go well together especially on a rainy autumnal afternoon. This little cafe I was at is called Motomachi Coffee. It’s a nice, warm and cozy place that we discovered while walking along the Motomachi street in Hakodate. It was drizzling and we hopped in for a little break, dry comfort and for some food and kohi, of course.

Pictured here: Coffee, Baked Cheesecake and Pumpkin Cake

Image owned by sorascape

遥かな声, 私に届け…

菫~陽と共に – Sumire~You to Tomoni

It has been a while since I last heard this song by Kokia. Nonetheless, Sumire~You to Tomoni still impact me the same way as when I first listened to it. It is also my favourite insert song from the “Red Garden” Original Soundtrack.