Snippets – UraBoku Story 49, Asuka Issue 07/12

Asuka Issue 07/12

Hello, hello. I’m back with fresh chapter teasers of UraBoku and a peek at what’s new in the July issue of Asuka.

Let’s start with the newsbyte from the 7th issue of Asuka. If you’re a fan of D.N. Angel and is wondering what happen to it’s author, I can tell you that Yukiru Sugisaki is working on a her brand new manga titled “1001 [Knights]”. It will begin its feature run in the August issue of Asuka. Aside from this, two other new manga titles will also make their debut in the August issue. These are Miyagi Toko’s “Paradise Lost” and Samamiya Akaza’s “Torikago Syndrome”.  Well, I’m interested in all 3 new titles that will be featured and depending on how the first 2-3 chapters go for each, I might just offer them up to interested scanlation group(s).

[AD] 1001 by Yukiru Sugisaki

[AD] Torikago Syndrome by Samamiya Akaza

[UP NEXT] Goodies in the August Issue include colour illustrations and CD for UraBoku to coincide with Vol.10’s release.

Of course, not all the new stuff appear in the next issue. There are two new titles featured in the July edition as well.

First one is “Kakuritsu Sousakan Mikoshiba Gakuto“, adapted from Kaminaga Manabu‘s light novel story of the same name, by Majiko. My impression is that there’s some character cameos or crossover from Yakumo. So, this story takes place in the same timeline as Yakumo. Oh, clumsy Isshi actually appears in the 1st chapter. *LoL*

The 2nd of two new manga adaptations is Capcom’s “Sengoku Basara 3 ~Kishin no Gotoku” by Daisuke Higuchi. Tbh, I’m a wee bit surprise to see this adaptation in Asuka, probably because I deemed it more ‘Shounen’ than the rest.

As for volume release, “Yoshiwara Hana Oboro Vol.2” is out on May 24 and it earned a colour spread as well as an alternate jacket cover illustrated by Otonaka Sawaki in this issue of Asuka.

Freebie Jacket Cover for Vol.02 (*click on the image for a larger reso)

That’s all the newsbytes from the July edition of Asuka, peeps.


8 thoughts on “Snippets – UraBoku Story 49, Asuka Issue 07/12

  1. sanne de graef

    I like to know wher I can buy this magazine online or something because I life in the Netherlands and I really whant it so bad


    1. Hi there:
      Yes you can buy it online at several online stores like cdjapan, hmvjapan and You might want to check out yesasia although they mostly offer tankoubons. Best bet option would be cdjapan. They offer online subscription. You just need to see if they ship to your country. Hope that helps. 🙂


  2. kaseum

    thank you \o/ looking forward to the new mangas, I rly hope someone will scanlate them when it’s out (still bitter though that DNAngel is still not finished :c).
    is there gonna be a new chapter of uraboku out next issue?


    1. @Akira, Vampirecat & sylphalchemist: You’re welcome. Happy to share snippets with the fandom.

      @kaseum: Ha yes, lots of manga fans are wondering whether the mangaka will ever do anything with D.N. ANGEL. On Uraboku, yes, there’s a new chapter in the August Issue plus some special stuff to celebrate vol.10 release.


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