Hakushaku to Yousei OP+ED Singles – Feeling by AciD FLavoR, My Fairy by Edgar

OP Single: Hakushaku to Yousei Intro Theme ‘Feeling’

Artist: AciD FLavoR
Date Released: 31-Oct-2008
Catalog No: PCCG-90012

Been waiting a while for Hakushaku to Yousei’s Full OP Single ‘Feeling’ by AciD FLavoR and I finally had a chance to listen to the single.  I love the violin playing on the title track which makes it triple catchy and fun to listen to.  It made me imagine all the funny scenes and characters from Earl and Fairy.  One of the most fitting OP song for an Anime series this Fall.  Must I say it again, I totally dig the violin playing on ‘Feeling’.  The B-side track on the single is a melodic love ballad titled ‘Eyes on You’ and it’s a pretty good one too.  Shigeru’s emotional vocals drives the song which made me think it’s really a suitable Edgar/Lydia moment type of music, if only they include it as a bgm on the anime series.  After all, cheesy Edgar is forlornly in love with Lydia…now, if only Lydia would give him a little break everynow and then.  Oops, going a little off-topic here.  Back to the music, overall it’s another good single from AciD FLavoR.  The band has the knack of writing melodic pop-rock songs with interesting arrangements such as the violin instrumentation on ‘Feeling’.  It’s something different and fresh which I kinda like a lot. Check out the links on the track list to take  a listen.


01. Feeling
02. Eyes On You
03. Feeling (OFF VOCAL)
04. Eyes on You (OFF VOCAL)

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PCCG-90014 CD Cover

ED Single: Hakushaku to Yousei ED ‘My Fairy’

Artist: Edgar (Midorikawa Hikaru)

Date Release: Nov 28, 2008
Catalog No. PCCG-90014

I am not a fan of Voice Actor song and Hakushaku to Yousei’s ED ‘My Fairy’ is sung by Hikaru Midorikawa, the V.A for Edgar. So if you want to hear Edgar’s voice singing to you, I guess you’ll like the ED track. :-p You can even hear Edgar reading a poem on track 2 and imagine that’s he’s reading it to you 😀

01. my fairy
02. エドガー愛のポエム (ポエトリーリーディング)
03. エドガーよりメッセージ
04. my fairy (Off vocal)

Of course, listening to ‘My Fairy’ makes you think of the bishielicious ED sequence too.

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