DGM 214 – Nooo Allen… what have you done?!

YES! D.Gray-man is back! *Grins* from ear to ear ^^

Ah, short chapter is short!


Some deaths can be reset but I think Johnny is most likely dead. That was an unexpected twist and it’ll cause a huge impact on the side of the Order. It’s so sudden too. I am admittedly, taken aback when *Allen* crept up from behind and did that. What will happen now? Allen will most likely be blamed even if it was actually the 14th (who has fully awaken) that committed the deed. Mistake  or not, the 14th can’t escape from the fact that he killed someone, an innocent being who’s is a friend of Allen’s and his comrades back at the Order. Omg, this time the Exorcists is going to turn against Allen if they found out he (the 14th) killed Johnny. That aside, I love the 14th’s childhood memories. Nea and Mana were adorable and close to each other. They looked like twins to me.


Arrgh, I dislike that cliff hanger because it means I got to wait another month just to see how Kanda will deal with the innocent looking 14th (pun intended). I don’t think Kanda will let him off easy seeing as Johnny’s dead. Will Nea fight Kanda and try to escape? How will Link come into the equation with Levellier’s plan in mind? Levellier might just get his wish answered. The other thing is that, the 14th somehow did not revert to the Noah’s darker skin tone. I wonder if it is because of the innocence. Hmm…interesting. And now the long wait… sigh.

Image credits: A3S

4 thoughts on “DGM 214 – Nooo Allen… what have you done?!

  1. This was a short but Exctiing chapter. About his face being white instead of gray, it’s not the innocence all the noahs can go between black and white. Tikki had his white/ black selves too. Since it seems that the fourteenth doesnt know about allen he might not even know that he has innocence it his right arm. Its also gonna be intresting to see how allens innocence reacts to the noah, it seems very protective of him. We also dont really know the relationship between the earl and allen yet *mindfuck*


  2. JustAFan!

    Im not sure jonny is dead, its moré probable that the 14th knocked him out, added with a concussion but just that. But just to that point, I believe next chapter is an important one, since a part, not all but just a tiny fraction, of the plan of nea will be revealed to Kanda and the order apart from the fact that he probably doesnt want to harm Allen, that we know of.


    1. Well, it was quite a dramatic chapter in terms of suspense. The reason why I deduce that Johnny might be dead is because of what seemed like blood on the pillow where his head lay and the angle of his body. He didn’t just knock Johnny out, he appears to have twist his head and flung him sideways across the bed. I’d be surprise if Johnny survive such an attack. An injury like that is usually fatal. But then again, I could have interprete the scenes wrongly… haha. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what goes down next month.


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