[Snippets] GFantasy Issue 07-14

With Summer Anime airings just round the corner, Kuroshitsuji once again held the cover spotlight in the July issue of GFantasy. Yana Toboso’s manga is one of Square Enix’s cash cows. It has been constantly in the spotlight with stage plays, a movie adaptation and a deluge of merchandising resulting from those. Not to mention, a new anime series that’ll be airing in July. One can see why the new anime will return to its roots instead of veering so far off the left field like the ‘huh?’ inducing Season 2 was. I for one is glad that the anime will continue from the middle part of where season 1 left off before it went completely off it’s source material. 😛

Sebastian and Ciel on the cover of GFantasy’s July issue.
 photo GF_0003.jpg

And to follow that up, here are some scans and buzz from the upcoming “Book of Circus”.
 photo GF_0004.jpg

An OVA called the “Book of Murder” will also be out in October.
 photo GF_0005.jpg

Character designs from the new Black Butler anime
 photo GF_0006.jpg

OP/ED themes to be perfomed by SID and the delectable AKIRA respectively.
 photo GF_0007.jpg

Volume 19 is out on 27-Jun and features a character from the ongoing werewolf arc, “Sullivan”.
 photo GF_0008.jpg

And this is the alternate cover for Vol.19 that comes with GFantasy’s July issue.
 photo GF_0001.jpg

And the other stuff that strikes my fancy in this issue…

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine by Akai Higasa
 photo GF_0009-GF_0010.jpg

Horimiya – Hori and Miyamura’s relationship took a leap in “that” direction and deepens further in this chapter.
 photo GF_0011.jpg

New manga debut: Akuma Ryuugakusei by Asuka Satsuki
 photo GF_0012.jpg

 photo GF_0013.jpg

Shinigami to Gin no Kishi: A one shot series by Irono –
 photo GF_0014.jpg

Graineliers by Takarai Rihito: Chapter 8
 photo GF_0015.jpg
 photo GF_0016.jpg

One Shot Story: Houkago no Grim by Sanako Natsu
 photo GF_0017.jpg

Why no Pandora Hearts snippets? Well, I want to cover that separately. I reckon there’s too much thoughts to share on the chapter then just to lump it here with the other snippets.

The reason that I’m even posting these is because I might get on the bandwagon and cover Kuroshitsuji’s new anime “Book of Circus” since I’ve done it for Season 1 and Season 2 before.

So then, this is it for now.

Till then, Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “[Snippets] GFantasy Issue 07-14

  1. I’m also eagerly waiting for Kuroshitsuji new anime. But I’m not interested in the movie because I think that firstly, the script is way too original, secondly, despite being a fan of Mizushima Hiro as a male I don’t see any acting skills in him whatsoever, so I’m kinda disappointed. Anime, new artbooks, new chapters – that’s what I wanna see. And I was more than satisfied when Yana Toboso showed quite a glimpse of Sebastian’s true nature in the latest chapter – one without an ounce of good in it.
    Is Takarai Rihito’s series interesting? I really love this mangaka in general but a fantasy series is a new for me.
    Oh and does anything nice happen in Kimi to Boku? Like, any relationship development?
    Thanks for the snippets!


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