Pandora Hearts Vol.15 – Cover plus Inserts


Pandora Hearts Volume 15 is here. The collected volume of chapters 58 to 61 was out in stores on Jul-27. While Vol.14 has Elliot on the cover, it was in this volume that things really went downhill for him. We also get to find out the person who’s actually behind Humpty Dumpty and Glen’s true vessel awakening. It’s one exciting and darkest volume yet. The volume is available to order at the regular online stores.

Jacket Cover: Front with side flap

Jacket Cover: Back

Jacket Cover: Front & Back Spread

Book Cover: Front with omake

Book Cover: Back with omake

Insert: Colour Page featuring Rufus

Insert: Contents Page

Insert: Omake blurp

Insert: Author’s End Note

AD: Pandora Hearts 2012 Calendar – Out in stores on Nov-12


You may use the images for graphics etc but don’t claim the scans as your own or re-posting them elsewhere w/o permission! You may however, link back to this page for reference.

5 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts Vol.15 – Cover plus Inserts

  1. OMG!! I don’t like Rufus but I think that this cover is wonderful!
    And Ada is adorable!! I’m waiting for the next cover, hoping that Leo will be there! ♥

    Thank you very much for sharing! ♥ ♥ ♥


    1. @Dorothy: ^_^ You’re welcome. *Is happy* to share some PH love with others.
      Ah, I thought Rufus is a funny character but is a clever one who has far more hidden knowledge than the others realized.
      I reckon Leo could be on the next cover since it is his turn to shine. In terms of artwork, this cover is my favourite of the last 4 volumes. Lottie looks hot too. 🙂


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