Sorry, there won’t be any spoilers of 07-GHOST KAPITEL 74, nay!

Hullo 07-G Fandom,
That’s correct. If you can understand the post title, bravo! I’m throwing in the towel. So, stop refreshing this site every few mins. Instead, I shall indulge you with Ayanami x Teito x Frau 同人誌 (doujinshi) . Check them out after the fake image cut.  ENJOY!


I thought the overly eager expecting 07-G populace might like to see some teasers from Kapitel 74 even though you can already see some spoilers on the LJ Community site. But since LJ is sucky lately and for those of you couldn’t be bothered with LJ…welcome to the madcap world of Ayu who loves to play one of her sneaky games on the multi ani-manga fandoms when it tickles her fancy. I just didn’t want to make it so easy. Of course, throwing in the towel on this fandom is not something that’s impossible. Who knows when that might happen, right!

Want to tell me your theories about this chapter from what you can gather from the teaser snippets, please drop your exciting comments at the end of this post. On a side note, I know lots of you out there are wondering about the status of the translation for Kapitel 72-73. Well, RL has caught up with our translator and so, it is delayed but we’ll be releasing them as soon as we can. Do bear with us! We might even do a triple release which will include Kapitel 74. Having said that, please do support the authors by purchasing the original volumes.


::KAPITEL 74::


“What’s with those pedos trying to look me up when I’m dressing, tsk!”

Meanwhile, the Princess and her entourage is in da house!

Teito glances over and wonders “Wow, who’s that pretty girl?”
Clueless Teito and pretty Ouka, they are fated to meet aren’t they.

Haven’t I seen the cute boy somewhere before?

But so’s Hakuren and Teito, whom Hakuren bump into.

The only problem is that clueless Teito does not remember Hakuren’s pretty face. Hakuren thinks he’s pulling an act but yeah, Teito thinks Hakuren is a crazy weird boy saying some weird crazy stuff about him being in the Hawkzile race and them being best buds in some weird out post religious city.

Pats, pats…did you hit your head or something? I’ll let it go if it’s the case

…but worse of all, how could you forget my pretty face after all we’ve been through together, shorty!!!

Back off, you ghey boy!!! I dunno who you are and I’m not interested … 😆


Waaittttt for Burupyaaaaa…..

Aww, at least Burupya remembers me. Not like that dang ungrateful shouta. Let’s work hard to make him remember us, right Burupya?!

Time for that smug face old geezer to go down.

Hyugga: “This has been a fun game of trolling.  Let’s do it again next time, right Aya-tan? Muaks!”

You may use the images for graphical purposes, etc but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere w/o permission. You may, however, link to this post for reference.許可なく画像を転載しないでください. ただし、このサイトにリンクすることができます/ 请不要在其他地方张贴图片 BUT 您可以链接到这个网站.

23 thoughts on “Sorry, there won’t be any spoilers of 07-GHOST KAPITEL 74, nay!

  1. mikichan

    Thanks for the scans! I can’t wait for the rest to unfold!

    I think Teito will question more about why the guy (Hakuren) said that Mikage is dead. After all Teito’s been searching for Mikage’s whereabouts from the previous chapters, and he didn’t find any on the Military database.

    I hope Mikage (Burupya) learns how to speak the human language soon so he can tell Hakuren what happened to Teito. Hope the events will trigger it soon hehe.


  2. JustAFan!!

    I like to enter to your site to read the snippets, this time you outsmarted yourself. So thank you for the laughs and scares.

    Anyway, for theories I believe that, although his feeling of not being in the right place will increase with its encounters, also I believe that only Frau will be able to make him remember, since they’re almost like “brothers” or “father and son”. Also it will be interesting to see, how the bishops will infiltrate the fortress to rescue Teito. But anyway, for the rest I believe that after regaining his memories, he will a) tell the truth to Ouka, breaking the brainwashing in the eye of Raphael b) Obtain the seal of that house, with help form an unexpected ghost (I think that Miroku is one of the 2 missing ghost, not sure which) and c) Escape in a flashy manner, involving an explosion and a Hawkzile, probably taking Ouka and/or Hakuren with him, not sure, and continuing his journey to the land of seele.

    Anyway, thank you again for the snippets, and the laughs! 🙂 🙂


  3. First things first, the title gave a mini heart attack. For a moment I really believe that you had given up on the manga, then I read the rest of the post and start laughing – hysterically – of the joke. I heard that sometime a scary like this is healthy but I beg you not to make this common (there are so many scares that my poor heart can take XD)

    Okay now that I probably boosted your ego (I’m guessing that scarring us was your whole point after all) I just have to say that I laugh so hard with your comments that I couldn’t stop for a while, do you considered crating a spin off comedy based on the manga images and your comments. I can tell you it would be a blast (super funny).

    The chapter looks promising, I’m guessing that the people all dirty in the first image are the scientist that were caught in Mikhail path (by the way, I’m still haven read the last two chapters released a while ago, I downloaded them today but I will read only I get home -not having net in my house sucks big time-) and are probably trying to suck him up (I’m betting their survival instinct is sharp as a knife). Oh and so you can laugh at me, in the first look I took to the image it looked to me that Teito had two ponytails (I know, it’s stupid but at first it was what it looked like to me).

    So overall, I’m guessing that Teito was coming from a checkup and meet Ouka along the way to the office of Black Hawks, but even if he didn’t recognized her, I’m betting that he felt that she was familiar (after the whole Rafael against Michael battle), but Ouka definitely recognize him and was wondering what he was doing in the fort and probably were was Frau (since the last time she saw him he was in the race).
    And if things couldn’t get worse Teito bumped with Hakuren, and that stirred some questions as what he was doing with the military (Hakuren was aware that Teito was running from them wasn’t he? Now, I’m doubting my own theory -.- great…! ) and dressed up as a black hawk to boot. I guess in the middle Hakuren thought Teito had a fever or something to be acting so weird.
    Teito got mad since Hakuren talked about Mikage (I took that from the spoilers from LJ- Mikage – human – at the top of Hakuren head, soooo funny) and because Teito didn’t recognize him, he threat him? (this part needs reviews ;D)
    Then lovely Burupya enters and Hakuren confirms that Teito is really Teito and that there’s something really bad going on. But first he has to wash Mikage up, he’s filthy. XD
    Meanwhile Teito left and gone to the office where he’s working like a mutt. (Between us I bet the only people that actually work there are Ayanami, Konatsu and Katsuragi – now adding Teito to the list). And he’s being watched by Hyuuga and Ayanami and they probably talk about him or the eye and the recent death of General Oak (he had it coming 😉 )

    Well I guess that’s all for this chapter 😉 I wonder if there are important revelations about the Eye and Verloren and if Teito is starting to suspect something’s up with his new job. But I have to wait and see 😉

    Kiss Kiss
    Ja ne (and sorry for the long review)


  4. Fione Tang

    I’m think the author want Teito and Ouka (the princess) meet and know each other more ….. in mean time , when Teito regain his memories (again ! ) Teito will help Ouka understand what begins the war between Raggs and Barbruge …. And ! Raphel (Ouka) will know that is not Raggs fault but her own country’s selfishness who start the war (<-aya-tan) !!!! hmm hmm ! This is what the story I dream of !!!! !ol


  5. Polly90

    Hahaha! That was hilarious! ❤ Instead of spoilers you should always post the chapter snippets in this kind of manner. I was laughing so hard that my stomach begun to hurt. 😀

    Teito and Ouka looked really adorable in this chap. And of course there was Hyuuga who always fanboys Aya-tan.^^ I'm eager to know what REALLY is happening in this chapter. Thank you for the fun!


  6. Aiden

    LOL, I love the comments above the snippets XDDDD
    gahhh, Teito is so damn cute! XD
    anyways, thanks for posting this!!
    as for theories, im goinna go ahead and guess that while Teito’s still as clueless as you can get with memory loss, he’s starting to remember bits and piece here and there, well at least he can sense that things aren’t exactly right. He runs into Hakuren and now I think Hakuren is suspicious that somethings going on and that it isn’t good…And Hyugga and Aya-tan are doing some more secretive business…lol, thats all I got XDDD


    1. @Aiden:
      Haha, glad you enjoyed my 07-G joke.
      Happy to share 07-G love with the fandom.
      Yes, Teito is starting to feel that something fishy is going on. He has alot of this internal monoloque going on where he begins to question certain things. Hakuren is also beginning to feel that his sudden meeting with Teito in military uniform and who does not remember him as being highly odd. I think he’ll attempt to meet Teito and talk to him again to find out what’s going down….even though Teito probably think he’s crazy. *lol* It’s good to see Burupya (Mikage) again. It’ll probably help Hakuren or even find Ouka’s pet. xD


  7. Berry

    Well, I couldn’t believe Wakaba Oak died so easily. Ok, we all know that if the death god (even the former one) wants you die, then you will die without question. However, it seems Wakaba notice and suspect Ayanami in the first place. So I just wonder who kill him ? or it just a show played by himself.


    1. @Berry:
      Thank u for sharing your thoughts.
      Well, Aya-tan couldn’t care less about the military higher ups at this stage….especially if they try to thwart his movements. Wakaba Oak will be just another pest to him. Oak may have suspected Aya-tan of currying favours from Miroku but I don’t think he knows full well what Aya-tan really is.



    Thank you so much for the snippers, Ayu! *–* I really believed your joke was real! XD
    About the chapter… Hakuren LOL, he’s always the same, vane boy! XD Teito seems to are living Ayanami’s will, but this chapter proves a thing that I cant’ understand… why Ouka doesn’t recognize at the first sight that the boy she’s seeing is Teito? I can understand Teito’s reaction and relative toughts, but the ones of Ouka…?
    Maybe the next meeting between them could change something… ♥


    1. @Dorothy:
      🙂 You’re welcome. Glad u enjoy my joke.

      Ouka is more likely to be surprised to see someone who looks like Teito is in a military uniform. When she first met Teito, he was just an ordinary boy with strange travelling companions on a journey. She never knew that he was a runaway, escapee from Barsburg Military. She also gave the impression that she dislike military types as they’ve been experimenting on her. So, I think it’s natural for her to be somewhat taken aback. She also couldn’t be sure it is Teito that she is seeing. And if they do eventually meet face to face, Teito will not remember having seen her before because of his mind-wipe.


  9. hikaru

    Thanks again for the snippets, Ayu! Hakuren is so cute, acting like a mother before the clueless Teito. Anyway, I do agree that either Mikage or Frau is the key to returning Teito’s memories. The picture Hakuren showed to Teito was them in disguise so it didn’t have that much of an effect on him.


    1. @Hikaru:
      Thank you for dropping your comments on the chapter.
      The main reason why he doesn’t remember the hawkzile race is not because of the ‘disguise’ but rather, he doesn’t have any recollection of such a race. He isn’t even aware that there is such a race. That’s how bad his mind-wipe is. But he’s already starting to doubt himself. Meeting Hakuren appears to increase his doubts about his missing memories even more. 🙂


      1. hikaru

        Yeah, it seems that mind-wipe was done really well. Should we congratulate Ayanami? XD I was secretly hoping Teito would at least recognize himself in the picture Hakuren showed though. That only means he has to see the real Frau and Mikage soon so he can get his memories back. And I wonder who’s watching over him when Ayanami and Hyuuga are busy doing something else. I wish we can see more of Kal soon as well.


        1. @hikaru:
          I don’t think Ayanami wants to be congratulated, not when he’s single minded in wanting to get his body/soul back so very badly.
          Teito was blonde in the picture and probably thought that it is some other kid that have some resemblance and that Hakuren is mistaken…or he’s simply nutters. *LoL*


  10. Marika

    Mwahahaha this cracked me up.. told ya your English text is the BEST xD
    Doujin my ass xD but this was seriously some funny stuff 😀

    On a side note I finally own vol 1 to vol 8, now I have to wait until they release the new ones 😀

    Ah theories… hmm that’s hard.. I kinda feel sorry for Mikage who couldn’t catch up to Teito.. maybe he’s the key to make Teito remember? I’m also wondering if that dead body truly is Wakaba Oak or if the man used an imposter knowing Ayanami would go after him.. but it he truly is dead, that means Ayanami is a step closer to reach his goals… unless Miroku has something up his sleeve….*Whoops long ass theory xD*

    I could keep on rambling but I shall go back to my boring duties and thank you for brighting my day 😀


    1. @marika:
      *LMAO* yeah…I enjoyed my own joke.

      It’s cool that you got all the English volumes released so far. I heard that some volumes were sold out. So that goes to show how popular 07-Ghost is. Chuang Yi must be surprised! ^o^

      I’m not sure Burupya (Mikage) alone can trigger his memory. He can’t even recall who Hakuren is or that he was in the Hawkzile race. He doesn’t have a shred of those memories. But meeting Hakuren and seeing Ouka is making him have one gigantic headache…like it’s all so strange. And I believe that he will start doubting himself….well, more like he’s already doubting himself and why parts of his memories are missing. Aya-tan isn’t making it easy for him as it seems that he’s *playing* with his mind in order to obtain/break the curse that’s protecting/preventing him from opening Pandora’s Box. I think my concern is that if it goes on any longer, Teito might go on an uncontrollable berserk mode unless the researchers are trying to make use of Ouka as their pawn to calm him down. Hakuren too, appears to suspect something is really wrong so we’ll see how he’s gonna convince Teito if he gets the chance. That’s my own thoughts on the story so far.


      1. Marika

        LOL I so BET you did xD
        It was hilarious 😀

        Yea, I’m happy as well, I also heard about that some volumes were sold out, makes me happy I got those volumes before it got out of stock xD

        Well, you asked for theories so I threw some~
        I just read 72 and 73, and yea Ayanami is indeed playing with Teito and it seems he intends to “break” him to make him spit out the secret to get his body back.
        I have to admit I was actually chuckling when the “curse” in the language of heaven entered all the monitors, and I knew Ayanami understood it and the researchers we’re all perplexed..

        Also after finishing those chapters and then going back to look at your spoilers awakes new theories.. they said Wakaba Oak was missing, and he turn up floating around in one spoiler pic, one can now wonder if he truly is dead or not?
        They also said Miroku was gone, that makes me suspicious, makes me wonder what that old man is up to, didn’t he want to make a coup d’état with Ayanami (if I don’t recall wrong)?

        I believe Ayanami has to hurry up if he wants to find the answer or Hakuren/Mikage/Ouka might make Teito remember bit by bit..

        Though using the Raphael isn’t wise since it seems hates Michael (probably due to the researcher influence but still)…


  11. You are such an adorable troll xD Haha!

    Teito x Ouka…. the mangaka knows how to delight me~

    But Burupya was ignored… me ish angry T_T

    Hakuren’s back and his pretty face always brightens my day~

    Unfortunately… no Michael. T_T


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