07-Ghost Kapitel 99 (End) – The way to Seele is….


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Hey all! How’s every one in the 07-G fandom doing? As you are all aware, the manga by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara has officially ended its run of publication in the Oct 2013 issue of Comic ZeroSum. I’m sure quite a few people who had followed the manga still can’t believe that it’s ending. But yes, it is the end as some of you who have seen earlier spoilers of the final chapter at another site can confirmed. Thus, peeps of the fandom, this closure also means that it will be the last time I’ll post or share anything 07-Ghost. It has been a fun ride sharing the snippets with you all. I will miss the time of the month when I usually bring out the 07-G teasers.

After 07-Ghost, what next …
Just in case some peeps out there think I’m stopping when 07-G ended; I’ll be moving on to other manga titles and one which I’ll be regularly focusing on is ‘UraBoku’. That also means I’ll be back to introduce more manga teasers from ASUKA and Comic ZeroSum. So, it’s definitely not the end of the road for me.  ^_^

But before this post comes to a close, do check out the chapter teasers and my thoughts on it.

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Ayu’s Say:
I can be certain that not many people expected the ending to be what it is. Before this, many in the fandom speculated on different scenarios of how the story would end. But one thing for sure, I personally expected a kind of sacrifice to be made because there’s still Teito’s goal of entering the land of Seele (which is one of the main reasons why his journey happens in the 1st place). If it didn’t even touch on that, then the whole business of Teito collecting the seals would have been for nought. So, I’m glad the relevance of the Seele equation is not forgotten. What wasn’t shown was what goes on after he entered Seele but we know for sure he made some kind of bargain with the Chief of Heaven and it resulted in the “2 years” later epilogue, one of which he was no longer a part of as the boy we know from the beginning of the story but as a child reborn into the new world. Whether or not fans are happy with that, well…it’s really up to the readers point of view on how they took the story from the beginning right through the end.

Aside from that, it was a pleasant surprise to see Teito reunited with Vertrag of all people. I wonder how many of you figured that Fea Kreuz (Vertrag) or ‘Father’ as he is known to Teito, came back into the picture that wasn’t some kind of flashback. He is actually released from Verloren’s body along with Lance (Relikt) and reunited with the remaining Ghosts. I guess one of the most hilarious scene is Frau who, in his half scythe form tried to break up the touchy feely reunion between Fea and Teito. Jealous much, Frau?! LoL. Frau’s soul is saved too and I reckon it is one of the reasons why he became the next Death God. Teito held true to his promise to save his soul and possibly got the best bargain for Frau that is most suited to him. I can’t imagine anyone in Verloren’s former position than Frau either. Best Ghost for the job indeed. Of course, those who are dead remained dead and those who are alive, continue to live their lives in a world engulf in peace rather than hatred and darkness, through the change brought about by a young boy’s sacrifice and promises.

Overall, I think that I can be satisfied with the ending because at the end of the day, Teito accomplished what he sets out to do. This is HIS story after all. The departing scene is also one of my favourite panels.  Burupya (Mikage) was so adorable when it bit Teito on the cheek.  。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Ok, for those curious about the next volume release, Vol.17 will be out on 25-Sept.  It will be the final volume for 07-Ghost.

To view the chapter, just click on the icon or the button below the page.

14 thoughts on “07-Ghost Kapitel 99 (End) – The way to Seele is….

  1. Alice

    I’m a big fan 07ghost . I have not read the ending yet , but from all that I read from you guys I didn’t like it for frau. He could have been reborn and then may be a bit of his suffering could have been lessened but I am happy that the Manga has finally ended. I am looking forward to seeing the season 2. Thanks.


  2. Yes, I love this story but I’m sad for the end. I wish to know what happened with Aya-tan because at the end, he never was a bad guy, he only wanted to find Eve, my dear Frau, well has a happy ending i think but i’m gonna miss this adorable and beautiful story. In my heart from now on it has an irreplaceable place 😥


  3. Yes this series was to good to end I think ;~; . But if it had toe end then the ending was most fit for this manga 😉 . I wonder if the authors will make a sequel about teito growing up to becoming King ( or general I think it was ? ) ? I would love that but I doubt it lol 😉 .This manga will always hold a place in my heart also .


  4. santi

    Can I ask for the raw ? I promise I wont share the raw to anyone 🙂 . Just for me alone. lol. Because I love 07 ghost. In my country 07 ghost manga just till vol 09 for now. I just wanna read kapitel 97-99. If u dont mind to share. Thanks .


  5. Burgundymarble

    Hi. Just want to say thank you so much for posting this snippets.
    I first knew 07-GHOST through anime, and since then dearly love this work both anime and manga. Feel so blessed to be able to read the last chapter tonight, really happy that things wrap up well for everyone, even Frau, I believe one day he will be free from that position too, when he fulfilled his promises.

    Thanks again for your generous work 🙂


  6. Thanks so much for the snippets! It’s been a long ride and it’s a pity to see it end kinda all of a sudden. 07-Ghost’s been dear to me as I have started reading it when I entered a rather important stage of my life. I can’t really say it’s a 100% happy ending, can you say so? It’s more or less natural, although I think when it comes to Frau it doesn’t look like a happy ending? I don’t think he’d want to continue reaping souls even if it meant in a good way, I think it’s unfair. I wish he was reborn as a human or something close to that.
    Thank you very much once again, and I hope we’ll read something interesting once again very soon from these people!


    1. @lenalee: Thanx for dropping by to comment. It has been a pleasure to share 07-Ghost with the fandom. Sad that it ended. As for Frau, I doubt he could return to being human after being a ghost so the way he is now is probably apt. I guess some would want things to end a little differently but I thought it was a good ending in a sense that there’s a balance of give and take. Something is lost but something is also gained from the loss. Nonetheless, there’s closure. Yep, I think it’ll be interesting to see what kind of project the mangaka will work on next. ^_^


  7. Hi Ayu! Thanks so much for the snippets! Yes its a shame 07-g is ending, but well, at least we got a great end (although I still wanted to know what happened to Ayanami, yes he got sent to heaven, then what? Just went missing into thin air. *sigh*). Well, its good to see little Teito again, Frea an Teito’s mom all together (and Castor reunited with his butler too, XD no one’s sad on that regard). Pity we dind’t saw what happened to Seele, I would like to see a clear shot of the Chief of Heaven.
    Frau end up as a reaper! Yes that was unexpected; cool too, he looked very funny, and more regal than usual *doesn’t look like a punk anymore*.
    And even the Black Hawks, the twins and the slave traders make an appearance too. That’s very nice XD Well, at least I got a lot of good stuff to entertain myself without focusing to much that in the next month
    Thanks again for sharing the 07-G until now! I’m going to miss it, but there are always another mangas (finding another won’t be hard, but this one will always have a special place in my heart)


    1. LoL, ya I think Frau look somewhat regal too, kinda. But it is the best job for him. In a way, he gets to watch over everybody’s souls when they’re gone from the world. I like to think he kept watch over reborn Teito till he’s all grown up and claim the throne that rightfully belongs to him.

      As for Ayanami, I would think that K98 pretty much gave closure to him. He found what he was looking for and realized that the person he was searching for had been right in front of him all the time…he was just too blinded by revenge to notice it. Eve’s character has always been about seeing the good & beauty of a person’s soul and the world they inhabit. Ayanami was basically killing all the goodness of the world with his rage, in essence killing Eve indirectly. But once he woke up from that realization, he is basically freed from that burden. As the end page of K98 portrays, I like to think that he is once more reunited with his beloved Eve, who was always waiting for him. But of course, all this is my interpretation of what had transpired. ^_^

      Thanks for dropping by with your comments all the while. I’m sure we’ll meet each other in other manga fandoms. There are lots of new stuff coming out and I like some of the titles I’ve seen. So, hopefully you get a chance to check them out too.


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