Snippets: 07-Ghost Kapitel 71


I did say I was going to be late with the spoilers didn’t I? Surprise, surprise! The post came today. Sometimes miracle happens when you least expect it. So, rejoice peeps. The snips of the new chapter are here!

Hah! You are now under my spell… you shall forget everything

[Spoilers] Thoughts on the chapter:
OMFG!!! RESET! Urgggghhh! I dislike reset. Everything that Teito fought so hard to regain is gone, moot! Just like Aya-tan said – he’ll rob Teito of everything he has (all his memories of what’s precious to him, his goal) – is gone!!!! And now, we are back to square 1. Oh, see what I mean when I said that the Hawks are unbeatable! I’m still somewhat fuming … not going to say much more than this. Speculate, discuss what your opinions are… (_O_)


Just a simple reminder:
DO NOT ASK FOR RAWS either here or on LJ! This is as good as it gets. Want to see the whole chapter, just wait for the translation and check out the 07G LJ com for further updates. Please don’t claim the scans and post them elsewhere w/o permission. You may refer back to this post instead!

28 thoughts on “Snippets: 07-Ghost Kapitel 71

  1. crazyyuuki-chan

    kyaaaaaa ………… how can two people look so alike………… i have some problems with Eva & Teito looking so alike…….. i don’t get it ………. will Eva be alive in a humans body? =)


  2. rossamunderling

    when i saw teito in that militay uniform. i almost puked!

    i’ll try not to swear so bear with me but F you Ayanami! F you Hyuuga! (and i thought u were cool!) GAHHAGGAGAHAHAHAHAAHHH

    oh but… we have to think logically, why did Ayanami not kill Teito straight away?? Ayanami obviously needs him to weild the eye of mikhail.
    in before chapters, it is said Ayanami already unlocked Raphael (his soul)
    so now he needs teito to unlock Mikhail. he is going to lie to Teito, turn him against Frau eetc to unlock Mikhail.
    obviously Verleron will find his body but… i think i know who the next ghost is, and i thnk he is Ea.
    do you guys remember that blind dude with the bandages who was with teito in the military? the one who was spying on ayanami.

    i think he’s the one. Animemannia, you’re hypothesis is so smart! i think ur on the right track.


  3. Blanca

    Um.. does anyone know what happen to Mikage? You know the little dragon that says “burupiy ” all the time and mostly stays with Teito really close


  4. senia

    ahhhhhhhh. i cant believe it. my dear TEITO has lost his memory again,especially by aya’s hand…aaaaaa.i want to be crazy about this huhuhu.thank you very much


  5. Dorothy

    …………… OH. MY. GOD.
    OMG I can’t believe it!!! Maybe this is the time we’ll understand Shuri’s existence… I hope that using him, Hakuren will be able to find Teito! O_O And about Ouka… I hope she’ll have a role in this situation too!!!!
    aadnfnòsdkdsomufyodsmòuddbxjkfhlxdsh!!! I can’t wait to know what’s in Yukino and Yuki’s minds!!!

    Thank you very much for sharing!! ♥ ♥ ♥


  6. Oh My God! this sneak peak drives me crazy >___<
    Teitoo.. uggh Teiitooo! it's better if he is okay (aya-tan and his guard didn't hurt him) but I HOPE he can regain his memories, again. And find the true things he must do!!!

    Ughht. I started to be crazy again, lol lol :@


  7. kh07gl

    WHAT????! t-teito lost his memory??? omg TEITO U DAMN IDIOT!!!!!! but i still cant wait for the chapter and thanx for the spoilers!


  8. hikaru

    Wow. That was a totally unexpected but definitely awesome twist! Now I wonder if Teito did become Ayanami’s begleiter, as Chairman Miroku had planned.

    Thanks for the sneak peeks!


  9. winter

    Thanks for giving the spoilers, Ayu…
    Teito lost his own memory?? o.O What!!!
    Hope Teito will regain his own memory back (T.T)..


  10. KiraIqa

    OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!
    Thank you so much for this 07-Ghost snippets!!
    Love you so much Ayumi!! (^v^)
    But damn it, this is so bad for Teito to have fallen in Ayanami’s hands!!
    Now I really can’t wait to see what happens to him!!


  11. First; thank youuu so MUCH for posting these scans~~
    Secondly, T.T Memory-messing?? Again?? Just how screwed up is Teito’s head going to be with all this ‘memory-wipe, memory-return, repeat” o_o And yeah, it looks like we’re back to military!Teito..
    I’m also pretty gobsmacked at how easy and happy the Black Hawks are treating him after all that drama with Haruse losing his soul and all. In fact… How come the Black Hawks are all so… intact? * suspicious* Is this one of those “It’s-all-in-the-head, hypnosis” things.. >.>

    Wonder what’s happening with Frau too~ Can the drama popping out, and people going missing during a hawkszile (how to spell?) race be dismissed by the others and become a plotbunny so conveniently lol haha
    Get back your memory, Teito. We didn’t sit through so many chapters of you regaining it just to go through it again, who knows how much slower. XD …Does he remember his time with Mikage at least ._. He looks like he’s acting all pre-Mikage again… ;_;

    Thank you!


  12. Thank you so much… So fast, I predicted spoilers from you to be on 4th May or later~
    Ah I hoped to see in new chap something like Teito in prison and Ayanami bullying him, but this way with his memory ‘deleted’ it’s not bad XD Love that sensei can surprise everyone and make me squee… loudly ♥ Poor Teito, but like others I even happy with currently plot ;D
    Sorry for probably obvious question, but Ayanami was able to ‘reset’ Teito’s memory thanks to Castor’s power? If yes, then I don’t know how he can regain it back… By miracle maybe?
    Kuroyuri surprisingly even for me looks cute there 😀


  13. Animemanniac001

    OMG!!! I LOVE YOU! thank you thank you thank you!
    My Aya-Teito fangirl mind did an extended visit to the gutter and doesn’t want to leave!

    OK, it might be frustrating to see the bad guys winning – at least to you cause I’m a Black hawks, more Ayanami actually, fangirl and I totally don’t mind (even if I pity Frau a little) – but on the bright side we see the bad guys and the good guys (guy in this case, but Teito is special) interacting in a peaceful way way after the plot was showed. That is actually good cause I don’t see this in other mangas, ads originality to the story.

    Although I’m curious how Haruse got is soul back. I though it was captured by the Eye of Michael. And now Ayanami and Teito have to get along!!!! I’m soo happy, I can’t imagine what the others will do to have him back. but then if they do Teito won’t remember a thing and will fight him… so good twist. but then we have the cursed tickets and Verloren body in Teito, how will Ayanami hide that? And two ghost are missing that can ruin everything for the bad guys, and Hakuren and Ouka know Teito and will know that something is wrong and help Frau too. A mess is coming and I’m way excited to see it unfold.

    Again thank you 😉
    I will go now join my fangirl side in the gutter… XD

    Kiss Kiss
    Ja ne


    1. @Animemanniac001, xD You’re welcome. Is happy to spoil the fandom.
      Nah, I’m not frustrated the *bad guys* are winning. The fuming is for the fact that we’re back to a clueless Teito sans memories again! Everything is **peaceful** because Teito don’t know shit what happened to him since he has no recollection of what happened before. It’s like he’s a different person altogether. Knowing Aya-tan, he’ll use Teito against the Ghosts. About the pandora box, no one else knew that Teito is the host other than the ghosts (plus Gio) and Ayanami. The military higher ups only suspect Teito is the owner of Michael, not about him being the true pandora box.

      xD Fangirling in 07-G fandom is pretty common. Gutter it is 😆


      1. renji_chan

        Gah, I know!! It’s like playing a game and you’re fighting the lass boss and the entire game restarts… and you’re forced to play from scratch.

        Quite annoying, really. One of those plots where it goes all fantastic and the protagonist wakes up to find that it was all a dream… urgh.


        1. @renji_chan,
          Exactly how I felt when I saw the chapter. Then we’ll have something that triggers something in his mind and the angsting starts all over again. Well, I hope it’s not going to be a *rinse, repeat, rinse* scenario because the story, plot-wised has gone that direction before. But if Aya-tan plans to pit the mind-wiped Teito against his enemies, particularly the ghosts to gain back all of his powers in order to take back what belongs to him, and open pandora box…then maybe it could turn out to be a promising plot route. We’ll probably see lots of angsting from Frau instead since he couldn’t protect his most important young apprentice. 😛


          1. Animemaniac001

            Ok, I didn’t think on thtat part…
            But I don’t think the magaka will have us pass the sufering of seeing Teito strugling to regain his memories, at least, not the memories that we already saw. I guess that he will put new ones for our benefict. But other than that, I guess the Hawks were told to play nice with Teito, but then again, with little time thay can really start to like him, cause that’s the kinda person Teito is :).

            And Hyuuga even said, in the very beggining that he kinda understand Mikaga’s feeling to protect Teito, so I’m guessing that he understands Teito’s fellings a bit.

            Although I’m thinking that Teito and Frau meeting already is a little rushed, since its not even a chapter before that kidnaping took place and OMG I’M NOT SEEING THINGS….

            TEITO DOESN’T HAVE HIS SLAVE COLAR!!! Yay!!! Off that horrendous thing ;), but I guess it only be feeting since the master is Frau and Ayanami would have planned to keep Teito close to him more that 48 hours 😉 and I’m thinking that even he – being the calculated person he is – would not join Teito and Frau so soon. He would want to be sure that Teito was grounded to his position in the black hawks (and lets face it, if he got along with the hawks and really like then later on, when he returned his memories, it would be much more difficult to fight them because of his feelings) before egging him against Frau and company.

            I think now, it this move, the mangaka will have room to fill the blank spaces. Ouka and Hakuren and even what’s happening with the church and the military (Miroku and General Oak). And Frau’s angsting sounds good. 😉

            I’m going to stop now before I write too much

            Kiss Kiss~
            Ja ne


            1. Don’t you think all the sacrifices that his Father and Kreuss made to save him and prevent him (pandora box) from falling into Verloren’s hands would all go to waste now that he does not remember anything? All that development could not have been for nothing. I don’t think he even remembers Mikage died to save him. That’s the bad part, really. The Hawks has no history with Teito. The ones he has now are fake. It’s was Aya-tan every intention to make sure that he manipulated the mind-wiped Teito to do his bidding now that he’s under his control. The only people who could save him now are the ones who knew him before…the Ghosts and possibly Hakuren because he knew what Teito tried to uncover the truth behind his Kingdom’s destruction.


              1. Animemanniac001

                Yes, what they have now is fake, but Teito doesn’t now that (and of couse its kinda sad), but since I thinks there’s more to Verloren crime and punhisment than meets the eye, I’m wondering if this twist is to give Teito a view of the other side, and to him to learn that not everything is black and white.

                And I guess Ayanami can’t take the thickets from him, they are branded in Teito’s soul (at least that’s what I think) so he can only hide them phisically. Of couse that what we saw untill now hasn’t gone to waste. In the end I think Teito will mature more combining the memories he has.

                I still don’t forget the shadow that controled the pope, and we do have a black space in the war. What happened to Fea and Teito after they retuned home? H eshould have seen the other god houses, so when did that happened? (even if we know that Ea was involded we don’t know how).

                There are still many questions to answer, many misteries to solve, each beter than the other. ^.^

                And I have no idea if Teito remembers Mikage. Could guess from the spoilers, but I think it makes sense Ayanami take those memories from him. I guess he wants Teito to obey him as if he was his world, without caring for others, without questioning his place, just be what Ayanami wants him to be. (And I bet that he will rub that in Frau’s face.) In my opinion this twist is the beast untill now. 😉

                Kiss Kiss
                Ja ne


                1. xD Ya, I agree that it is a omfg twist indeed. At least it keeps the fandom discussing and throwing ideas, opinions….that’s the best part. (^_^)


    2. AnimexxLuver

      Wooah, The stories heating up and cooling down so fast Ø.Ø´´
      It’s like a roller-coaster ride xD

      the interaction between the good guys and bad guys isnt that much of an original, it happens a bit frequently; for example, it happens a lot (in a peaceful manner) in D. gray-man =D



  14. babyChayo

    Gyaaaaaa, omg, omg!! Does Teito end up meet Frau again in the end in that last image? omg, this’s going to be the best chapter ever…. what a sad thing, to have Teito forgets everything when he finally regains bit by bit all his memories… but I think this is really gonna be great~ I sense something big is going to happen~! Thanks for sharing as usual Ayumi chan =D


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