Zero-Sum Issue 01/2011: 07-Ghost Kapitel 64

07-Ghost Chapter 64 Preview, Snippets & More…

Alright, the chapter’s out and I’d managed to make do with some chapter snippets/preview to satisfy the 07G fandom’s curiosity. Kapitel 64 picks up where we’re last left off with the race and continues with it. As both Frau and Teito course closer towards the finishing line and 1st District, something happened to Teito. Cue flashback to his childhood where he recalls memories of his last moments with his father and eventual escape with Fia kreuz from the brutal Barsburg military attack on the Raggs Kingdom. The race part is amusing though, with every other teams using dirty tricks to try and overtake Frau & Teito who are leading the race of course. Oh, see if you can spot Lab and Castor in one of the panels. 😀

Onwards to the chapter preview >>>

Kapitel 64: Teito/Tiashe on the cover

The race continues with some nasty competitors using dirty tactics to try and take down Frau & Teito but these two are just too good. And ya, Frau’s still a pervy flirt xD

Oops, Teito saw something that triggers his memories to return

Flashback scenes


If you know which image leads you to the full chapter preview, then congrats. The usual rule applies if you want the key to Kapitel 64 and if you don’t know what that is… all you have to do is ask politely. Simple innit?! Enjoy (^w^)v

Edited @ 4-Dec: Wow, 07G’s fandom is such an enthusiastic bunch. F.y.i, Chapter translation is up at the lj community for 07-G. So then, as of now no more request will be obliged. Thank you for being a polite and civilized bunch. Ayu appreciate it much. (^_*)

Please do not claim the images as your own or re-post the chapter preview elsewhere w/o permission. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference.

56 thoughts on “Zero-Sum Issue 01/2011: 07-Ghost Kapitel 64

    1. Oh it’s you again! Don’t you ever check your email? And please read my post edit at the end, then you’ll know why.
      You were pretty rude with your comments before. Kindly read before you shoot off at people. AND STOP SPAMMING!


      1. ≧▽≦

        Chinese dialects reason you may have misunderstood
        If that is the low level of discourse I’m sorry. Family despise me thinking. They use rights status
        Forced me to obey their thoughts
        Bias and because it is closed selfish.


        1. Whatever your reasons, you still come off sounding rude! Nobody is bias here. It’s your own assumption…you assumed and accused without first reading what was stated! I’m going to stop it right here. If you wish to make a request, send me an email. I will no longer answer request on this post. I hope you understand that.



    1. @SR, did you ever check your email?
      You do know how to reply to the email don’t you?
      That itself is a clue.

      And also, you should read my post edit at the end to understand what’s going on!!!


  1. loveskylove

    OMG I already love this chapter!!! Thank you so much for the spoilers/scans you always do such a good job 😀 but could you send the password please~~


    1. @hikaru, Akane, Gala, babyChayo, AnimeManiac001, panka206, edscutechibigirl, kirara92, Berry, renji_chan and firey:

      Thank you for dropping your comments. What you’ve requested for is in the mail. Enjoy! (^_^)


  2. Gala

    Hi! I’m very very glad you’re back!!
    I love this manga, can you please send me the p/w? Thanks in advance. Greetings and congrats for the new site 🙂


  3. babyChayo

    Hi Ayu-chan~!! Thanks for the chapter previewwww~ Omg,omg~ Could I please have the password also? please? >___< Super thanks for sharing these! Appreciate your kindness so much!!!!!! ❤ ❤


  4. AnimeManiac001

    Hi… I love this chapter… more of Teito memories!!! Awesome! So I want to ask you if you could please tell me the password, please?
    Thank you!

    Kiss Kiss
    Ja ne


  5. edscutechibigirl

    Hello Ayu! Thank you so much for the little scans; they made my day!
    Now i’m not going to lie but…I’ve had this page open for the past few hours debating on whether to ask for the password or not (I guess i’m just really shy and scared LOL) but I figured it was time to just ask so I was wondering if you could please send me the password? 😀 Thanks again!


  6. Berry

    Hoo!!!!!!Thank you so so so much for sharing!!
    I’m nearly die for the update.
    Could you tell me the password please??
    (Ayanami-sama ,where are you??I do miss you))


  7. OMG the new chapter is out!!! Thank you so much for sharing as always! 😀
    Could you tell me the password, please? I’m so excited but I’m a bit sad because I believed to see Teito and Ouka together again! T___T
    OMG but the man with black hair is Teito’s father… isn’t he? O_o


    1. @Dorothy and everyone else who drop their comments & requests and are reading this response:

      You’ll find the key to Kapitel 64 in your mail *if* the email you entered to comment is the correct one.
      Enjoy the early Christmas pressie from tBP… am always happy to spoil this little fandom.



  8. Polly90

    Ah, gotta love that cover! *drools on Frau’s hotness* Gosh how long has it been since I put 07-Ghost down… Guess it’s time to pick it up again.^^ Thank you for the post, honey! *chu*


  9. bunny

    oh my…i am using the same method in kapitel 62 to type in the password….but it doesn’t work…can i have the password pls?? 0U0..pls..


  10. About my god! Please! I shall die for the password!!
    Also excuse me for my awful English. This all desperate desire to see the new chapter. I’m crazy the fan 07-GHOST!
    I promise to not appropriate yours scans!


  11. Angel

    Thank you so much for posting,I can’t wait to know what happens nextXD
    …wonder what’ll happen when teito and ouka will see each other again..will the eye of raphael go bersek?^^” well but at least there are some scenes about teito’s past,that’s also interestingXD
    Thanks again,you rock^_^


  12. kissa

    Thank you so much for the spoilers!

    …I’ve been trying to guess the password for forever (at least it feels like it! XD) but it seems that I’m hopeless. Help me, please? 🙂


  13. Marika

    I’m curious since you said to ask politely, I’ll ask what rule applies to get the key?
    I love your snippets, and there’s Hyuuga!! ❤ *goes into squealing fangirl mode*


  14. leenoriega

    Ayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, OH GOD, where did you find that Frau gif? ♥__♥
    Oh man, there couldn’t be a better present for the upcoming holidays ♥_♥
    Oh oh and thank you very much for the previous updates, this week’s been so tiresome, I wasn’t even able to read everything attentively.

    Could you please send me the password?^^ T_T 07-Ghost reminds me that there’s still life besides work in this world D: [like Frauuuu] Santa Frauuuu ♥ I’ve decided, I also want to subscribe once I get my pay (in the end of December I think.. or so) for 6 issues. Could you please remind me the websites where I could do so?^^


    1. leenoriega

      And I don’t want to plan ahead, but maybe we could… like divide scans so that you’d have less work once I start getting my issues?^^ I also have a scanner at home :3 Well that’s just a plan xD


    2. @leenalee,
      ^_^ the pressie is in the mail. I’m using the email u used for entering your comment.
      Of course, I’ll be more than happy to divide the scanning work. Just tell me which title you’ll be covering and from which mag, OTHER than ‘The Conductor’ and ‘Ryo Takahashi’s Toxic’.
      I will mention ‘One Shots’ as well since I’m picking and selecting them for a couple of community teams. Oh yes, I still owe you one of them. xD

      Hope you get your Xmas wish subscription. It’ll be fun to work 2gether to spoil the fandom…muahaha.


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