Volume Covers – Pandora Hearts Vol.13

Pandora Hearts Volume 13 is here. If you don’t already know, the volume was released on Nov-27 and it contained chapters 50 to 53. Lily Baskerville took the spotlight on the jacket cover this time. I’m not exactly a Lily fan myself and would have prefer Elliot or Reo on the cover since they both had so much panel time in the current arc. But to make up for that, the omake is hilarious…I mean, I can’t imagine Jack looking that ghey…*rofl* Heck, Yura still creeps me out for being a Jack fanboy. Yonks!

These images are courtesy of YuRaYuRa.com. Enjoy! (^w^)

Jacket Cover – Front

Jacket Cover – Back

Jacket Cover – Front Side Flap

Book Cover – Front with Omake

Book Cover – Back with Omake
Whoa Jack! Wut did Yura the Creeper make you do? Did anyone think Jack copied Hajime Saito’s pose …the one on the right? Except Saito didn’t look that ghey, bwahahaha 😛

Insert Colour Page

Contents Page

Author’s End Note *cute*

Full Jacket Spreadminus the back flap

~The End~

You *nice* peeps should know the drill by now. You may use the images for personal purpose but no claiming the scans as your own or re-posting them elsewhere w/o permission.

15 thoughts on “Volume Covers – Pandora Hearts Vol.13

  1. Michi

    The omake centered around Sharon and Break was only limited to Animate purchases. As far as I know, every current volume has had an Animate limited omake to go along with it. Hope this answers your questions!


    1. @Michi,
      Thank you for answering!

      I kinda figure it has to do with the Animate offer as they are always giving away extras & goodies with any purchases made from their stores. So peeps, unless you get your copy from Animate, you won’t be privy to the extras.



  2. I’m sorry if I’m bothering you but… I’m a fan of BreakxSharon, after hearing someone said that the omake is focus on them, I can’t wait xD
    If it’s not to much of a trouble, could you scan other 3 omake pages as well with these scans? Thanks so muchhhhhhhhhh in advance~~
    I totally understand if you can’t, I still appreciate it soooooo ♥


    1. @celestial,
      No bother at all. Nope, there isn’t a Break x Sharon centred omake in Volume 13. I don’t know where you heard or your friends seen it from but I can be certain that it’s not in this volume (because I have the original volume in my hand) nor is it in the last 3 volumes. Might it have been from earlier volumes or from the GFan magazines? Maybe others from PH fandom can enlighten us on it.


  3. YUKI

    wahhhh thanks so much for share
    yurayura.com so Fanfirl (realist) xD
    o yeah, I wonder, Are those all the omakes?
    just a question, because I remember that saw a Pv of a omake, where Sharon called to Break .. Onni-chan and Vincent mimics her, and called to Gil that xD


    1. @Yuki
      You’re welcome. Is happy to share.
      Which volume is the omake from?
      It’s certainly not in Volume 13. I can be very certain there isn’t Sharon x Break omake in this volume. I don’t recall seeing such an omake in the last 3 volumes either. Maybe other PH fans can refresh our memories and tell us which volume it is from. 🙂


      1. YUKI

        yep, really i don´t know if it belongs to volume 13 but i saw this PV -> http://img.yaplog.jp/img/04/pc/r/e/n/rengenohanav_v/0/661.jpg and I thought does it
        Oh yeah, and also this ->http://stat001.ameba.jp/user_images/20101128/02/ba-ha-ha-i/88/bb/j/t02200293_0480064010885512191.jpg


        sorry for the repost but … AWW I have problems with my connection and it seems so and posted o_O I can´t see my message


        1. @Yuki,
          Thank you for the links. Michi has gracefully obliged us with an answer about where the omake is from. The omake is a *bonus* extra from ANIMATE and it’s only available if you buy the tank volume from ANIMATE. Unless you are in Japan and get your copy there, you won’t get the extras. Hope that answer your question. 🙂


        2. And I thank you for share these information and pics. I would even try to buy animate 13th version, but I don’t live in Japan :< and damn I'd love to see omake with Gil and Vincent, did Vince only wanted to call him that or try to pursue him? ( I know that you didn't see whole omake, but maybe you know. I'm really curious ).
          Animate is not fair ;< XD
          And Ayumikat thank you so much for share these scans *hug*


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