::Zero-Sum Issue 12::

ZS12 - 001

My copy of Z-SUM Issue 12 arrived yesterday (Monday). Love the cover featuring the lovely trio from Karneval. Fans of 07-Ghost will be squeeing with delight that the new chapter include a colour page plus a double-page colour spread. It’s been a while since 07-Ghost steals the main focus. Well, it’s about time the manga gets more love. The chapter was enlightening as well. The main plot is moving.  Teito and Ouka are destined to meet again. Oh yay! for Hakuren appearing in the chapter. It has been such a long while since he was last featured in a chapter. Seems like Teito and Frau will be coming back into the picture next issue and yes, 07-Ghost will get to be on the main cover of the Jan 2011 Issue.

Karneval also gets an interesting chapter. Karoku is awake but he doesn’t seem to know who Nai is. Poor tearful Nai being rejected by the very person he’s been looking for all this while. Akari finds the whole scenario strange. Maybe he’s not the real Karoku. Meanwhile, Gareki is trying to get use to his new school surroundings and classmates.

Other chapters worth noting are +C: Sword and Cornett which gets a colour page (fangirls over Belca cos he’s finally stepping up and manning up to be a true contender for the throne, at least Eco and I think alike…muahaha); Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi with Shinobu scaring the crap out of Kaisei and Shingo in particular 😆 (you can read the English translated chapters here); Yay! Naked Ape’s Dolls is back after taking a month long break or is it two?! More Mikoshiba in the chapter is always worth it; Devils and Realist, Planetary*, Tenkyuugi~Sephirahnatus and Goulart Knights have all gotten some plot progressions.

Lack of time means I’m really making short work of my updates for this issue of Z-Sum. Would have love to include more chapter *spoilers* or *snippets* like I did before. Who knows, I might just include a full chapter of Karneval and +C: a little later in the week if I’m not still buried by R/L stuff.

07-Ghost: Kapitel 63 – Colour page plus double spread
ZS12 - 002

I love the new 07-G illustration, Hakuren on the cover is nice!
ZS12 - 003

Z-Sum Ward Issue 18 will be out on Nov-16
ZS12 - 004

More on Karneval CD #3

And if that’s not enough, Are you Alice? get its own drama CD as well.
ZS12 - 006

Landreaall: Chapter 95 – Colour Page, Vol.17 is due out on Dec-25
ZS12 - 007

+C: Sword and Cornett: Chapter 31 – Colour Page, Vol.5 is due out on Nov-25
ZS12 - 008

Sai no Kami: Chapter 27 – Colour Page, Vol.4 was released on Oct-25
ZS12 -  009

That’s it! Enjoy 🙂

**Note: You may use the images for personal use but don’t claim the scans as your own and post it everywhere w/o due credit to their original source.TQ!

14 thoughts on “MAG UPDATES: ZERO-SUM ISSUE 12

  1. It’s LeeNoriega from before, gonna use this old account of mine from now on.

    Waaah, Ayu-chan!!!! T_T I thought you got deleted for sharing snippets with us or something T_T I found this blog in a very weird way *_* I opened my google cached file and saw you had twitter on that page, and then went to twitter and then came here @_@ I’m gonna cry out of happiness xD

    Thank you for still continuing to share your mags with us!
    Oh, on a random note, I’ve already started translating The Conductor, the first chapter for now, and I absolutely love it. The language is pretty easy to read for me and the plot is really great, even though it’s just the first chapter.

    Oh a-a-and could you please post some pics of Shouta? ❤ I feel sif I haven't seen anything new with him in ages.

    And I totally agree with you, I love 07-Ghost cover, Hakuren's really nice. But Ouka looks a bit weird, but I really adore her in this chapter.
    Btw, have you read 07-Ghost Children? I translated a one-shot about Frau and Teito from there not long ago, called "Godfather", absolutely loved it, it kinda explained why Frau became a bishop and elaborated more on his feelings that usual.

    Happy to have found you! Yay!


    • Oh wow, cookies for you. *(^o^)* Glad you found me too. I guess if regular blog visitors wanted to find me, they can if they are savvy enough hehe. I sort of deleted the old account in a sudden manner but tBP is back albeit with a new url.

      I’m happy to continue sharing snippets and spoilers with the ani-manga loving communities.

      Oh? I didn’t realize you’re doing the translations for ‘The Conducter’. That’s awesome. Looking forward to see your work then. Vol.1 is already out on Oct-26 and Vol.2 will be released on Nov-26.

      Ok, I see if I can grant your Mikoshiba request later in the week 😉

      No, I haven’t read 07-G Children but I’m sure I’ll get round to read the volume soon enough. 😀 Thank you for telling about the translated one shot though. 🙂


      • Waaaah, thank you for Shou-chan in advance then!^^
        Oh and thank you for Ayahatori as well (not to spam other posts).

        Lol, I could say the first chapter of the Conducter is worth a whole volume, it’s seriously huge. I hope it won’t turn into 25 page chapters later on though ^^;


        • Referring to The Conducter, you’ll be glad to know that after the introductory 1st chapter, the subsequent ones are 60 pages long with the exception of the latest one which is 40p. Let me tell you it took a huge amount of time to scan the raws which I did for a joint translation community. (^_^;;


          • It’s just that every time I see a huuuge first chapter of any series, it reminds me of Dogs manga, it started like a normal-sized chapter, and now it’s… less than 20 pages, half of them are blank, and the dialogue has only 5-6 lines… the latest chapter, feels sif I’m not reading it at all >.>
            But it’s nice to hear the Conducter’s this long :3
            Oh. if you don’t mind me asking, what series did you scan? Or were talking about the Conducter, and I got something wrong here? ^^

            P.S. Thank you for the pass for Yakumo^^


          • Oh and yeah, I’m pretty sure scanning takes a huge amount time compared to translation, even with my so-so japanese >.> It’s really awesome how you share so many raws! Just be sure not to spend all your free time doing and it, and have some fun yourself!


          • Uh… I got you said about scans now ^^; But what am I supposed to do now T_T I’ve already translated the half of the first chapter .___.


  2. Karoku clearly looks away from Nai and it doesn’t seem like he’s gonna admit he knows Nai…?

    Anyways, thanks for all the colour pages!


  3. Irodori no Kami? I thought it was called Sai no Kami…


    And oh I love all the 07-Ghost focus…. (BUT NO MICHAEL IN THE CHAPTER???? BELOVED!!! I MISS YOU!!! ) looking forward to the next issue *_*

    Ah, I’ll take care of sharing snippets/spoilers…. but I can only do that for the H*P projects ^^; And if… I’ll get permitted to share them, hehe.


    • Yeah, you’re right. It is Sai no kami. I was reading something else while writing that and didn’t bother to proof read. 😛

      Ah, Michael will come if Teito gets his gem back. They’re (Teito & Frau) finally head to the 1st District…maybe he’ll be reunited with the ‘Eye’ there and yay, we have Michael. (^-^)

      I’ll look forward to your H*P related snippets/spoilers. 🙂


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