CD Single – Hiyori Hime by Puffy (incl The Tale of Genji’s OP)

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Puffy’s latest single features the OP theme to Genji Monogatari Sennenki.

Surprisingly, I found myself appreciating the title track ‘Hiyori Hime’ much more than I ever did from the anime version. Somehow the TV cut just doesn’t fit as an opening track for Genji. I still find it quite jarring. It’s not the first time a modern tune features as an opening for a classical themed anime. One very good and successful example in my mind is Rhymester’s Heat Island which really rocked the opening of ‘Ayakashi~Japanese Classic Horror’. The rap-infused song worked awesomely well for Ayakashi whereas ‘Hiyori Hime’ ends up giving me an earful and errr, puts me off…lol. That said, titular song on its own is rather enjoyable. It’s fun and cheerful with bubbly and catchy pop-rock beats. Puffy collaborated with Shiina Ringo on the said song. The second and third tracks on the single are actually used in the commercials for Morinaga Milk and Kanebo cosmetics. Again, I find the songs enjoyable and fun, typical of a Puffy tune although not something I will always have on my playlist.

CD Title: Hiyori Hime
Artist: Puffy
Date Released: 25-Feb-2009

Catalog No: KSCL-1345
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. 日和姫 Hiyori Hime
03. マイストーリー My Story ~ Variation by agraph

Support Originals. Buy the CD at yesasia, play-asia or cdjapan.

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