Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar 2014

G R E E T I N G S ! Another year is about to end and signs of this are the deluge of ani-manga Calendars being out on sale. One of the fandoms that I frequently keep up with is “PANDORA HEARTS” as those of you who followed my blog would know. I gotten my copy of Mochizuki Jun’s /Square Enix 2014 Calendar of her beloved manga when I got back from Italy. It’s always nice to come home to something that I enjoy and love. I do miss my ani-manga hobby while I was away. But less of that and more of what I’m going share.


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A Peek at Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar 2013

Is it the new year already?
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Being a fan of Pandora Hearts and of Mochizuki Jun‘s artwork, I’m always looking forward to the manga publication’s annual calendar releases. Pandora Hearts Calendar for 2013 is now out on sale and I’ve gotten my copy just a day after it was released on Nov-11. I’m happy with Mochi-Jun’s choice of illustrations for the new calendar. It’s worth getting a copy as there are 5 new illustrations along with the ones that were done for the manga chapters and covers published in GFantasy of this year. Once again, I have my picks of favourites from the 12 months of lovely PH art. So, which ones are your favourites? Care to share your picks here? Then, do drop your comments on it after taking a peek of the new PH calendar, courtesy of Ayu.

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[Sharing] Freebies from Z-Sum, Asuka, Sylph, GFantasy, Comic Gene & a 07-G poll

Ayu is baaaack from the abyss of RL….sort of! (/o^)/


Consider this a pre-come back post of sorts. Nothing like getting back into the groove of things by sharing some mag freebies from my mag backlogs and it’s a huge one too although I’ve to cut down on the image dumps. I’ll be cross-posting some of the stuff here to tumblr.

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A Peek at Pandora Hearts [Comic] Calendar 2012

A Special Post!

PH2012 - V2 (1)
You know it’s that time of the year again when 2012 calendars start sprouting up all over the web and online stores. Well, Ayu is very happy to share a peek of the newly released Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar for 2012 with fans of PH and the rest of the manga fandom. I received my copy of the calendar this week and love it. You’ll be pleased to know that Mochizuki-sensei added several new illustrations. Among those we’ve seen before are illustrations that appeared in the publications over the year and to me, they are still fairly new. Well then, I am sure everyone has their favourite month(s) that they would like to share with me.  Want to know what’s mine? Find out after the cut! 😀

Peek at your PH birth month behind the cut

Mag Updates: Something new and it’s called ‘Comic Gene’

Introducing Media Factory’s newest publication ‘COMIC GENE


HELLO EVERYONE! Ok, that sounds like a corny opening greeting doesn’t it? I reckon that I’m losing my touch due to being absent from tBPII intermittently. The reason for this post? (Like, do I ever need one?) There is a new manga magazine publication in town and it is Media Factory‘s latest effort in bringing more new manga titles to mangadom. The first issue of Comic Gene was launched and released back in June 15. It is a monthly publication which is currently on my trial subscription. That means you’ll be seeing snippets from Comic Gene on top of the other manga mags, starting with the September issue.


Sharing some Sebby love… Huh, who’s he? A certain devilish butler is he

Kuroshitsuji related babbling!

Wow, there are things that I missed and THIS is one of them. Me a stalker of Devils 6th Day missed THIS?! Ah, what is my world coming to? Me wonders. Goes to *swoons* at ze devilishly lovely visage. (*_*)

Anyway, Congrats to Yana Toboso on her blog’s 5th anniversary. I do love and enjoy seeing her little doodles and illustrations of KS and other works. I like to see her draw for other manga just as much as her original work for Kuroshitsuji. Her illustrative contribution to El Shaddai is gorgeous and smexy. I hope to see more her work for other stuff in future.