A Peek at Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar 2013

Is it the new year already?
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Being a fan of Pandora Hearts and of Mochizuki Jun‘s artwork, I’m always looking forward to the manga publication’s annual calendar releases. Pandora Hearts Calendar for 2013 is now out on sale and I’ve gotten my copy just a day after it was released on Nov-11. I’m happy with Mochi-Jun’s choice of illustrations for the new calendar. It’s worth getting a copy as there are 5 new illustrations along with the ones that were done for the manga chapters and covers published in GFantasy of this year. Once again, I have my picks of favourites from the 12 months of lovely PH art. So, which ones are your favourites? Care to share your picks here? Then, do drop your comments on it after taking a peek of the new PH calendar, courtesy of Ayu.




As always, I’m putting the summary or contents page up front so you’ll get an idea of what’s new and which selected illustrations appeared in the Calendar proper.
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< Let the months roll >

 :: COVER ::

Leo and Elliot snatched the cover spotlight this time round. Well, the past whole year (2012) has very much given these two characters plenty of development. One of them is dead of course. Needless to say, Leo is barely himself since Elliot’s passing. But the awesome cover seems to deflect the gloom that is pervading the manga at the moment. If I may say so, the illustrations for the Calendar appear slightly more cheerful than what’s going on in the manga. Maybe things are starting to turn around. One can be hopeful of course.

:: JANUARY 2013 ::

The blue colour scheme reminds me of ‘K’ the anime. 😆  But I gotta say this is one of my favourite PH illustration that is from Retrace 69 and a very nice one to open the year.

:: FEBRUARY 2013 ::

Sweets and Cakes ushers in the 2nd month of the year with an artwork that appears in Retrace 47 – Unbirthday chapter. Cute.

:: MARCH 2013 ::

 A lovely and colourful image of our main PH trio taken from Retrace 71 – Black Rabbit. Will they get back together again?

:: APRIL 2013 ::

April showers us with the 2nd of 5 new illustrations that Mochi-Jun came up with for the 2013 Calendar. Oz enjoying himself with soap bubbles.

:: MAY 2013 ::

More candies.  This artwork is taken from ‘Caucus Race 2’ and it is the only one that Reim (Liam) appears in. But Break is my favourite, here.

:: JUNE 2013 ::

One of the more recent illustrations we’ve seen and this is from Retrace 77. OZ looks forlorn and in need of huggles. Let’s give him a hug, k. He has suffered enough.

:: JULY 2013 ::

Ah, we have my favourite dysfunctional PH siblings. This is the 3rd new artwork. I wonder if Gil continue to be one arm less but he finally came through for OZ and become his own person. Hopefully his lil’bro Vincent will abandon his suicidal mission.

:: AUGUST 2013 ::

The main male trio of  PH brings in lots of summery fun with an image that first appeared on the cover of GFantasy’s August’12 Issue.

:: SEPTEMBER 2013 ::

Alice gets a month all to herself looking red hot and flirty with new picture no.4.

:: OCTOBER 2013 ::

The golden colours of Autumn illuminates the month of Oct with a special edition illustration of Elliot, sleeping peacefully in a world of his own.

:: NOVEMBER 2013 ::

Wow, moe Echo is kawaii and she gets a month all to herself in the 5th and final new artwork that Mochi-Jun did for this calendar. A favourite of mine too.

:: DECEMBER 2013 ::

Finally, the last picture is from Retrace 67: Lacie.  Quite aptly so, as the PH drama began with this couple, thus Lacie and Jack close out the year.  But how will the manga end? That’s what the fandom wants to know.

If you like what you see and want to get a copy of the Calendar, it is still available to order at: cdjapan, yesasia, amazon.co.jp and amiami.

That’s all peeps! Enjoy!

You may use the images for graphical purposes but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere without due credit. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference.

5 thoughts on “A Peek at Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar 2013

    • I reckon you must be behind the manga by about 2 years since that’s how long ago the chapter where this was revealed was published. Hopefully you catch up to date as so much has happened since then. 🙂


  1. I just LOVE the new artworks!!! Got flirty Alice in my birth month, though I would have liked Oz or Jack better.
    And Eliot is just too cute sleeping! one of my favorites artworks in this year (we will never forget him!)

    Thanks so much for sharing this Ayu!!!


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