A Peek at Pandora Hearts [Comic] Calendar 2012

A Special Post!

PH2012 - V2 (1)
You know it’s that time of the year again when 2012 calendars start sprouting up all over the web and online stores. Well, Ayu is very happy to share a peek of the newly released Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar for 2012 with fans of PH and the rest of the manga fandom. I received my copy of the calendar this week and love it. You’ll be pleased to know that Mochizuki-sensei added several new illustrations. Among those we’ve seen before are illustrations that appeared in the publications over the year and to me, they are still fairly new. Well then, I am sure everyone has their favourite month(s) that they would like to share with me.  Want to know what’s mine? Find out after the cut! 😀



The contents page is at the back of the calendar which I decided to put upfront so that you get the gist of what’s in the calendar proper.


Gil gets the cover spotlight this time round. Looking good there, Mister.

Let the months roll…

– New illustration for the first month of the new year that features the loveable trio of Reim, Break and Sharon

– Originally used as the cover for Retrace 55 and is one of my favourites of Break and Gil

MARCH 2012
– A new and bright illustration of Leo, one of the best illustration of Leo that I’ve seen. Is another one of my favourites from the calendar

APRIL 2012
– Colour spread of Retrace 59 featuring the shounen trio of Leo, Elliot and Oz in school uniforms

MAY 2012
– An illustration that featured on the cover of GFantasy May issue of this year.

JUNE 2012
– The 4th new illustration from Mochizuki sensei and the cutest one out of the lot. It’s chibi Ada and shouta Gil.

JULY 2012
– An artwork that is done for the 2nd special collectible poster. Love the all blue tones and colour scheme. One of my favourite group illustrations of Oz, Gil, Alice, Break and Sharon.

– I think Oz looks odd despite the happy, cheerful and sunny disposition that this new image portrays.

– I’m sure fans of Reim will be happy to add this to their Reim collection. It’s so rare to see an individual illustration of side characters.  Well, Reim does have his fangirls. 🙂

– Mochizuki-sensei’s new artwork for October features the Baskerville girls. So pretty and cute too. It is one of my favourites from the calendar as well. Imo, by far the prettiest.

– The November artwork is also the featured pin-up pullout from the Aug issue of GFantasy. Very whimsical.

– Last but not least, the most recent illustration that featured as a colour spread of Retrace 63 aptly graces the month of December 2012. It’s the Chain masters and their servants. xD

If any of you are still interested in buying a copy of the PH calendar, it is still available to order at: cdjapan, yesasia and amazon.co.jp. They all shipped internationally.

Just so you know, I didn’t want to spoil the scans by adding watermarks on them as I expect you peeps to be respectably responsible beings. Anyway, enjoy the scans peeps.

You may use the images for graphical purposes but please do not claim them as your own and re-post them elsewhere. It would be pitiful if you do. You may, however, link to this post for reference.

13 thoughts on “A Peek at Pandora Hearts [Comic] Calendar 2012

  1. Anon

    Thank you so much! I bought the calender myself, but I don’t have a scanner, and it’s nice to have scans to look at on the computer too. ❤ You do a really good job of making the scans look super nice, too.


  2. Thank you so much for share! I’ve wanted to buy it like I did last year, but unfortunately I’m broke now. Maybe they will still be available to buy on the yessasia, although I’m a bit sad that Vincent didn’t get any ‘new’ art. He only appears on December’s cover plus as chibi on October. At least I’m happy that I don’t have to see any GilOz hints on any of scan XD


    1. Ur welcome. I think the calendar will still be available when u can afford to buy it. It’s not sold out as far as I know. Maybe we’ll see more of Vincent in the upcoming chapters…just to see how he and Gil fits into the whole scheme of things now that we have lots of revelations about Lacie, Glen and Jack in the current flashback arc.


  3. shiname

    ah… you scan this one, Ayu-san~ thank you… I’m waiting for mine, though.. /oTL it will arrive on December.. 🙂
    ne, ne.. may I ask your permission to use these scans?
    Sometimes I do calendar cleaning (when I have time), and post it on my dA or somewhere else. Of course I always credit Mochizuki Jun and the owner of the scan. If you allow me, I will clean it 😀 since… I only have A4 scanner here.. =__=;

    thank you, Ayu-san~


      1. shiname

        yay! I got your permission XDD thank you~

        hmm.. but maybe I will do this one after I finish my college tasks.. /oTL

        hmm… actually, I have done some of the cleaning of PH Calendar 2011, I clean the October and June version, since that’s my favorite~
        you can see it here: http://fav.me/d48ldpm
        I’m sorry I put the watermark because some guys use it and edit it without my permission >.<;


  4. AnimeManiac001

    Woow! The calendar are so cute, once I bought a calendar like this but it pained my heart to have to cross some days or add special occasions so I end up not scratching the second calendar I bought and I’m sure its somewhere in the middle of my stuff… somewhere 😉

    I love Pandora Hearts but do you know if there is a calendar featuring 07-Ghost characters? I would love see Ayanami and Teito in a bigger picture (One that I wouldn’t have to turn on my pc to drool over)

    Thanks for sharing! (I got Reim alone in my birth month. He’s cute!) Pity there isn’t Jack or Glen or Lacie… even Alyss… I would love have them too in the Calendar

    Thanks again
    Kiss Kiss
    Ja ne


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