Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar 2014

G R E E T I N G S ! Another year is about to end and signs of this are the deluge of ani-manga Calendars being out on sale. One of the fandoms that I frequently keep up with is “PANDORA HEARTS” as those of you who followed my blog would know. I gotten my copy of Mochizuki Jun’s /Square Enix 2014 Calendar of her beloved manga when I got back from Italy. It’s always nice to come home to something that I enjoy and love. I do miss my ani-manga hobby while I was away. But less of that and more of what I’m going share.


 photo PH2014Calendar.jpg

Failing that, just hit the page 2 button at the bottom of this post.

2 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar 2014

  1. @lenaleemelodee: Lol, at least Break has a month all to himself. He was even less prominent in the current calendar which was a disappointment to me. My fav. illustrations…let’s see. I like Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Jul, Oct, Nov & Dec. Personally, Break and Elliot are the nicest. May & Dec are a close 2nd. ^_^

    As for Zero-Sum, I still subscribe to it although I forestall my subscription these last two months due to being away. As far as I’m aware, 07-G’s authors haven’t announce any new works. Don’t even know if they’re planning anything in the future. It’s always hard to pick up after a big manga project has ended. Hopefully, they’ll do something new. Zero-Sum publishes several new manga series aside from the ongoing AyA?, Karneval, Devils & Realist, Landreall, Tenkyuugi – Sephirahnatus, Amatsuki etc. SWITCH sequel is still ongoing as well. Antinomie by Sakura Maro, Senichiya Drop by Igarashi Ran and Angel Clock (Tenshi Tokei) by Watanabe Yuuna & Yuuki Azusa are the newer ones that debut this year while Memento† mori by Kusanagi Toshiki, manga version of Ixion Saga by Futaba Hazuki, JOKE:ЯR’S by Kurage Ichi and Hyakka Ryouranroku by Takadono Madoka/Sakurako started running in 2012. Any one of these recent manga could be a break out hit given time. So it’s too early to tell what’s going to be a hit or a miss. Zero-Sum is likely to introduce even more new manga in the coming year of 2014. They have web-only manga as well and one of them could be popular enough to get a regular run in the magazine. So, I’m invested to follow Zero-Sum for the time being. I’ll drop it if the stuff they publishes gets too crappy. 😛


  2. Ohh! So nice! I wanted to buy it as well but then forgot about it. I love Rufus Barma/xReim illustration the most :3 And also, Elliot, Oscar, Break and the last one :3 But all in all, dunno… I thought it’d be… better? I liked the previous calendar more. What’s up with Break being only on the November page?? Unfair! Thank you for sharing!
    I also wanted to ask, do you think that after 07-Ghost has ended Zero-Sum has remained as worthy as it was when 07-Ghost was still running? Lol, I dunno, so many series have finished being serialized there. And what’s left? Only Are You Alice?, Karneval and Amatsuki, at least for me. Have there been any news about a new series by the authors of 07-Ghost, btw?


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