Manga Volume Releases: Toxic Vol.3, +C: Sword & Cornett Vol.6

My tankoubon collection is ever-growing of late and is fast filling up the cabinet space in the bedroom.  Seriously, I need a separate room just to store my books now. Anyway, a couple of recent releases that I bought include Ryo Takahashi’s Toxic volume 3 and Yugyoji Tama’s +C:Sword and Cornett volume 6.

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Mag Updates: Asuka Issue 12/11


Cover illustration: Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

I had originally planned to wait till the January 2012 issue and do a combo mag post but since I will be very occupied with RL activities in December, I won’t have time to scan stuff from the magazines.  Therefore I acquiesce to time constraint and thus, this post. Fans of Uraboku would certainly love the 2nd collection of illustrative cards that is bundled with this issue of Asuka but unfortunately, there isn’t any new chapter. However, there will be a new chapter in the upcoming Jan issue. So, keep a look out for it as I’ll try and squeeze some snippets when I get my copy of Asuka’s Jan 2012 issue.

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A Peek at Pandora Hearts [Comic] Calendar 2012

A Special Post!

PH2012 - V2 (1)
You know it’s that time of the year again when 2012 calendars start sprouting up all over the web and online stores. Well, Ayu is very happy to share a peek of the newly released Pandora Hearts Comic Calendar for 2012 with fans of PH and the rest of the manga fandom. I received my copy of the calendar this week and love it. You’ll be pleased to know that Mochizuki-sensei added several new illustrations. Among those we’ve seen before are illustrations that appeared in the publications over the year and to me, they are still fairly new. Well then, I am sure everyone has their favourite month(s) that they would like to share with me.  Want to know what’s mine? Find out after the cut! 😀

Peek at your PH birth month behind the cut

BRAVE 10 2nd Trailer is up on youtube


The anime adaptation of Kairi Shimotsuki’s BRAVE 10 is expected to air in January 2012. If you enjoy the manga, then you like me will be curious about the upcoming anime. The 1st anime PV basically contained still image slides that really didn’t give us much of a glimpse of the animation but the 2nd trailer which was recently released on the anime’s official youtube site, shows us some animated footage. I like what I see so far. So what does every one else think of it?

Brave10 PV# 2

Catching up on D.Gray-man, テガミバチ 13, Air Gear, Fall Anime etc…

I know I sound like a broken record to the regulars when I say that I’m behind on many things due to a very busy RL and such. Can’t help but bears repeating the overused reason because there are newcomers and followers to tBPII . *Waves* welcome to you peeps. Time to play catch up with *short* blurbs of what I missed.

New Manga-mag publication on the block:
This is probably old news to most of you manga-mags followers. Kadokawa Shoten recently launch a new manga magazine publication called ‘Altima Ace‘. See More of Ayu’s Blurbs After the Cut