Pandora Hearts Vol.17 Regular Edition – Cover plus Inserts


Pandora Hearts Vol.17 was released on Mar-27 and it came in two different editions i.e. the normal and the special limited edition. The difference between the two is the cover art illustrations plus the limited edition also came with key rings. It seems that many in the fandom ordered the special edition because of the extras and it was out of stock on some online bookstores. I, on the other hand chose to buy the normal edition and thus, I scan the cover plus inserts like I always do when I received a new volume and post them here. I like the Jacket cover art which features Lacie in front and Revis on the back portion. Other than that, everything else appears the same as the special edition volume. As far as I’m aware of, there are more scans of the limited edition being shared in the fandom but little to no scans of the normal version. So, here they More PH goodies after the jump

Asuka Issue 05/11 Furoku – Asuka Comics Premium


Oh hey, this is my first ‘Aside’ post and rather befitting too as it is more like a ‘shout-out’ to complement *Mag Updates: Asuka Issue 05/11* where I mentioned that there’s a bonus *freebie* that came with the issue. The freebie or ‘furoku’ is a booklet of 80+ pages containing short comics of ongoing manga series in Gekkan ASUKA. Participating mangakas who contributed to the booklet include Shouto Aya, Kajiyama Mika, Hatoya Nao, Sawaki Otonaka, Matsumoto Temari, Akaza Samamiya x Iwaki Hiromi, Isuzu Shibata, Kazato Nori, Brocoli x Kochimo, Katagiri Yoshisugu, Kosumi Fujiko…and a few others.

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Volume Covers – Pandora Hearts Vol.13

Pandora Hearts Volume 13 is here. If you don’t already know, the volume was released on Nov-27 and it contained chapters 50 to 53. Lily Baskerville took the spotlight on the jacket cover this time. I’m not exactly a Lily fan myself and would have prefer Elliot or Reo on the cover since they both had so much panel time in the current arc. But to make up for that, the omake is hilarious…I mean, I can’t imagine Jack looking that ghey…*rofl* Heck, Yura still creeps me out for being a Jack fanboy. Yonks!

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Jacket Cover – Front
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Volume Covers – Ayahatori Vol.2, Karneval Vol.6, Tegami Bachi Vol. 11 & Uraboku Vol.9

Volume Covers – Ayahatori Vol.2, Karneval Vol.6, Tegami Bachi Vol. 11 & Uraboku Vol.9…Plus X’tras

Here’s a roundup of tankoubon volume covers, colour pages and extras from the manga titles released in October. Well, they are from my recent but limited acquisition of course. The selected titles are Ayahatori Vol.2, Karneval Vol.6, Tegami Bachi Vol.11 and Uraboku Vol.9. As always, click on the images for a larger reso.  If I waited a little longer, I would have included +C Vol.5, Pandora Hearts Vol.13 and D.GM 21 but I decided to save them for another day.

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::Ayahatori Shoukanjou Vol.2 – Kajiyama Mika::

Jacket Cover – Front with side flap unfolded
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[Scans] Pandora Hearts Vol.12 – Cover, Inserts plus Extras

Manga Digest Volume scans – Pandora Hearts Vol.12

Another newly collected volume of Pandora Hearts is released on Jul-27. Volume 12 covers Retrace 47 to 50 of the current ‘headhunter’ arc. This time Ada Vessalius gets to feature on the main jacket cover. A short omake focusing on Gil is also included. Glen-sama and Jack made an appearance on the book cover too. Gfantasy August Issue has a bonus alternative jacket cover to commemorate the new volume release which I’m sharing here as well.

Speaking of the volume itself, it’s one of the gloomiest yet but has some of the funniest moments with Oz play-acting to fool Mr. Creepy Isla Yura. Ada has her moments too especially when she totally creeps Vincent out on one of their dates. *LOL* I haven’t been posting on recent chapters but I love all the mysterious, dark undertones that had been building up and up. It feels like something horrible is about to explode out into the open. Retrace 51 left us with an ominous cliffy. I seriously hope Reim/Liam isn’t dead. It’ll be a major character death if Jun Mochizuki decides to kill him off.

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Jacket Cover: Front – Ada Vessalius
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