So, you want to know how to unmask Aya-tan?

Peeps from the notorious fandom of the Black Hawks and the 7-Ghosts, you know you want to, don’t you?

Oh yes. If you are a first timer to Ayu’s blog, you probably don’t have an inkling on what the heavens am I blabbering on…like who the beejeebus is Aya-tan?! Unless you are from the fandom of the Black Hawks and the 7-Ghosts, you’ll be totally clueless. But that’s alright. I’m sure the peeps here don’t mind siphoning the vast kor infested tales from their twisted mentalscape, even at the risk of becoming amnesiac because they so adore their shouta idol and his equally damning master of despair.  Muahahaha! *laughs evilly*

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Mag Updates: Zero-Sum Issue 07/11

Manga Digest – Mag Updates:  Zero-Sum Issue 07/11

Since the 07-G chapter spoilers are up, I might as well share snippets from Zero-Sum’s July edition. Suffice to say, the mag preview is limited to titles that strike my fancy and does not include every single manga in its contents list. For that, I rather urge you to buy the mag yourself (which you can do so on online sites like cdjapan,,, k?! 😀

07-Ghost gets the July cover spotlight. Love the illustration with its usage of colours. Blue is cool.
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Mag Updates: Zero-Sum Issue 04

Snippets from Zero-Sum April 2011 Edition

April Cover Spot Goes To KARNEVAL

This took a teeny while to put up but it’s done. There’s a little bit of most of the regular favourites (reads mine *lol*) from Z-Sum. However, I skipped Loveless, Tetsuichi, Haikyo Circle, Shitsuji ni Kokkyou Nante, Landreaall, Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi – Koryuu Monogatari, Ogamiya Yokochou Tenmatsuki, ♯000000-ultra black, Hatenkou Yuugi and Gakuyaura – Binbouhimanashi-hen.  Aside from that, Sakura Maro’s Planetary* and Ueda Shinsyu’s Sai no Kami both ended with their final chapters.  I thought Planetary* was rather boring so I’m glad it ended here and now.  Sai no Kami didn’t leave me with much of an impact either but at least, the storyline is somewhat more excitable than Planetary*.  Lastly, before anyone ask, there is no ‘Tenkyuugi – Sephirahnatus’ in this issue. But don’t fret Tenkyuugi followers, the manga will be back with a new chapter in Z-Sum’s May edition.

Now then Z-Sum’s groupies, on with the so-called *teasers*…duh, not so much of a teaser if you’ve already seen speed scanlations elsewhere in cyberspace but what the heck, these are meant for those who are deprived or less surf savvy. 😆 😛
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[Mags] Zero-Sum Issue 10

tBP Manga Digest! presents “Comic ZERO-SUM Issue 10”

Once again, this would have been posted earlier but hey, what can I say…it isn’t a top priority, right?! But anyway, Ayu’s back with Z-Sum Issue # 10 with colour pages and chapter snippets/spoilers plus a bonus for genuine Karneval fans…only because I chose to be nice. Yeah, things like this always depend on my mood. I don’t answer to any one but myself. *inserts evil laugh here* (^w^). On another note, I really need to blitz through KSII Ep 10.

Ok, less of my usual babbling and on to the images. Enjoy!

Bishounen Alice of Are You Alice? graced Z-Sum’s Issue 10 cover

You want 07-G snippets don’t you, find them after the cut