Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 07 – Naughty Shiki, coffin stomping and Yuuki’s awakening

Episode 7: 茨の口づけ The Thorny Kiss
My oh my! What a fabulously exciting episode this is…especially after I’ve just came off reading the scoop on the latest VK manga chapter 45 which is up at some chinese forum…woot! Yes, I am so looking forward to one bloody explosive VK weekend anticipating the latest chapter scanlations to come through so I can share my excitable impressions here. That and I’m wondering if VK lovers elsewhere has seen the other Vampire love story being aired in Cinemas this week i.e.Twilight. But still, nothing can replace my enthusiasm in waiting for the latest VK manga chapter because it’s the best yet!!! *Shudders* at the thought that I’m close to fangirling!  I’m in a good mood despite the delay in posting the current episode updates.  Episode 07 impressions and screencaps plus brief summary are below. Read on… Continue reading

Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 04

Episode 04: The Devil’s Quickening ~Libido~ [悪魔の胎動 ~リビドー~]

Gosh, I’m a little slow with this week’s episode update of VKG. Having stupid problems with crappy broadband connection isn’t helping much either. It’s good that the subbed version is out a bit earlier this time. Not that I depend on it as I usually watch the raw version first to get the screencaps. But anyway, the highlight of this episode is seeing Rido in his bloodbath. Continue reading

Vampire Knight Guilty Ep 03: The Lapis Lazuli Portrait ~Mirage~

Episode 3: 瑠璃玉の肖像 ~ミラージュ~

Finally managed to get a decent Raw of the latest episode. It means better screencaps and they are plenty for me to play around with. This week sees more screen time for Aidou. In fact there’s emo Aidou, angsty Aidou, sparkly Aidou, sulky Aidou, jealous Aidou, mischievous Aidou, Aidou in a bathtub and chibi Aidou. There’s even chibi Kaname in the midst of Aidou’s thoughts and flashbacks. I guess it can’t be help as this episode is mostly about Aidou’s anxieties and doubts over Kaname’s actions in regards to witnessing Shizuka’s death and, his wavering loyalty. Lots of flashbacks on how he first met Kaname. We get to learn abit of Kaname’s childhood past.  Chibi Kaname and Aidou is so kawaii. Continue reading

Vampire Knight Guilty Ep 02: Eternal Promise ~Paradox~

永遠の約束 ~パラドックス~

Episode Summary:

While out shopping with Yori in town, Yuuki kept having flashback of her almost kiss moment with Zero.  She had wondered what happened to Zero and what his nightmare was about at the time when a crying little boy suddenly came up to her, tugging her sleeve asking for his mother.  The boy seems lost and Yuuki agrees to help him find his mother and had told Yori to go on ahead without her.  Back at the Academy, Chairman Cross pass a notice from the Council to Zero, requesting his presence as an observer at a party that will be held for Vampires at the Council’s premises.  Continue reading

Vampire Knight Guilty Ep 01: The Sinners of Fate

Vampire Knight is back with Season 2 this fall and the first episode aired just this past Monday. Being a big fan of the original VK manga and having watched Season 1 back in Spring, I thought I blog the series as well this time round. I still don’t get why they add ‘Guilty’ to the anime title though. It makes you wonder who or what is guilty referring to. But anyway, on to the first episode impressions.
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