Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 12 and 13 (END)

I finally caught up with the last two episodes of VKG. First up is my rambling impressions of episode 12. Then it’s followed by the final episode (13) on the next page.

Episode 12: The End of the World

The Kuran ancestor definitely looks like an older version of Kaname. Yup, the dreary world would certainly look interesting through Yuuki’s eyes especially if they are as huge and round as saucers…lol. I mean it’s quite a wide angle view really…hehe.
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Vampire Knight Guilty – Episode 10 and 11

This weekend is going to be another hot vampy weekend but I’m not complaining. Vampire Knight Guilty is heading towards its season finale. Only 2 more episodes to go. I am sure most viewers following the series would have read the numerous episode reviews and summaries elsewhere. But here I am, intent on playing catch up with the previous two episodes with my wall of screenshots and random bits of impressions along the way.  I’ll be posting this in two parts with the precious little time that I can hog at my brother’s computer cos I’m still on my long holiday break.

**VK Manga news alert:  The new VK manga chapter 46 is on the way too. Just a little hint about the latest chapter…choices have been made and it’s fill with parting sorrow ;_;

**Edit (29-12-2008): Episode 11 screencaps and impression is up on page 2 of this post. Cheers!

First up is Episode 10:  戦いの序曲 ~プレリュード~

Ep10 - The Overture of Battle~Prelude
Ep10 - The Overture of Battle~Prelude~

Lots of cool vampire powers on show in this episode and Kaien Cross is awesome too. Rido’s finally awake and everyone feels the bad vibe in the air. Zero is undergoing some kind of transformation too. Yuuki is still trying to play guardian. So it seems Kaname’s chess pieces are now in place , waiting for Rido to make his move.  And he reveals Zero as the knight.

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Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 07 – Naughty Shiki, coffin stomping and Yuuki’s awakening

Episode 7: 茨の口づけ The Thorny Kiss
My oh my! What a fabulously exciting episode this is…especially after I’ve just came off reading the scoop on the latest VK manga chapter 45 which is up at some chinese forum…woot! Yes, I am so looking forward to one bloody explosive VK weekend anticipating the latest chapter scanlations to come through so I can share my excitable impressions here. That and I’m wondering if VK lovers elsewhere has seen the other Vampire love story being aired in Cinemas this week i.e.Twilight. But still, nothing can replace my enthusiasm in waiting for the latest VK manga chapter because it’s the best yet!!! *Shudders* at the thought that I’m close to fangirling!  I’m in a good mood despite the delay in posting the current episode updates.  Episode 07 impressions and screencaps plus brief summary are below. Read on… Continue reading “Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 07 – Naughty Shiki, coffin stomping and Yuuki’s awakening”

Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 06

Episode 6: The Fake Lover 偽りの恋人
I just got round to watching episode 6. The pace slowed down this time because I was expecting that they’ll squeeze in the Rido/Shiki and Kaname meeting scene but they didn’t. In a way, it was good because the anime has so far been moving a lot faster and we’re near the half way point already. Continue reading “Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 06”