Pandora Hearts Vol.15 – Cover plus Inserts


Pandora Hearts Volume 15 is here. The collected volume of chapters 58 to 61 was out in stores on Jul-27. While Vol.14 has Elliot on the cover, it was in this volume that things really went downhill for him. We also get to find out the person who’s actually behind Humpty Dumpty and Glen’s true vessel awakening. It’s one exciting and darkest volume yet. The volume is available to order at the regular online stores.

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Summer Sojourn – Natsume Yuujin-chou San Episode 01

OMIGOSH! Nyanko-sensei and Takashi-kun are back. *Dances with elation* 😀
My favourite anime of 2008/2009 returns for a 3rd installment and is one of the series I look forward to the most, from the 2011 Summer offerings. The other being Usagi Drop (another manga to anime adaptation).  Seeing as I have very little time to blog about anime I’m watching these days, this series will probably be the only one I’m going to share my thoughts on at any rate.

OP Visuals

ED Visuals

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I know that I’d skipped doing the June snippets but that was intentional due to my busy schedule. Some peeps have been constantly checking to see if I would post teasers from the July issue after the previous miss. Well, fret not cos the Asuka snippets are back. The teasers aren’t quite teasers any more but nonetheless, I’m sure not everyone has gotten wind of the latest chapters. Therefore, these will definitely cheer y’all up.

What you’ll get to see:

• Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
• Barajou no Kiss
• Gatsu ni tsubame to migi ni kage **new
• Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegi Chuu
• Akaki Tsuki no Mawaru Koro **final
• Kyou kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou!
• Genji Monogatari
• The Conductor **final
• Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Mag Updates: Zero-Sum Issue 04

Snippets from Zero-Sum April 2011 Edition

April Cover Spot Goes To KARNEVAL

This took a teeny while to put up but it’s done. There’s a little bit of most of the regular favourites (reads mine *lol*) from Z-Sum. However, I skipped Loveless, Tetsuichi, Haikyo Circle, Shitsuji ni Kokkyou Nante, Landreaall, Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi – Koryuu Monogatari, Ogamiya Yokochou Tenmatsuki, ♯000000-ultra black, Hatenkou Yuugi and Gakuyaura – Binbouhimanashi-hen.  Aside from that, Sakura Maro’s Planetary* and Ueda Shinsyu’s Sai no Kami both ended with their final chapters.  I thought Planetary* was rather boring so I’m glad it ended here and now.  Sai no Kami didn’t leave me with much of an impact either but at least, the storyline is somewhat more excitable than Planetary*.  Lastly, before anyone ask, there is no ‘Tenkyuugi – Sephirahnatus’ in this issue. But don’t fret Tenkyuugi followers, the manga will be back with a new chapter in Z-Sum’s May edition.

Now then Z-Sum’s groupies, on with the so-called *teasers*…duh, not so much of a teaser if you’ve already seen speed scanlations elsewhere in cyberspace but what the heck, these are meant for those who are deprived or less surf savvy. 😆 😛
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LaLa Issue 04 plus a 3rd season of the Book of Friends

Random Special – LaLa Issue 04

The reason why I even had this issue of LaLa is because of the happy, happy news that it contained. It’s probably old news to most of you but I care not because I’m really excited that ‘Natsume Yuujinchou’ is getting a 3rd season. The first 2 seasons were my favourites anime of 2008/2009. The anime adaptation stood out as one of the best from Brain’s Base that I’ve seen. Since then it’s been tough to find a series that could feel the void Natsume left. So, you can imagine how delighted I was when a 3rd season was green lit. I’m really looking forward to it and will of course, be covering the series when it eventually airs.

LaLa Issue 04 Cover featured ‘Natsume Yuujinchou
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Mag Updates: Asuka Issue 04/11

I actually meant to put this up earlier but with the terrible consequences transpiring from the aftermath of the natural twin disasters that hit Japan on Friday 11-Mar, I’ve been anxiously following updates of the situation over there since then. I’m relieve to know that those I’m acquainted with are accounted for, albeit more than a tad *shaken* up. But yes, let us do what we can in our own little way to help get those affected get back up on their feet again.

I like to share this drawing by Yana Toboso which she posted on twitter. Simple and hopeful message but it works.

And now, back to ASUKA Issue #04.

April Cover Spot: Kyou kara Maou no Tsuku Jiyuugyou!
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