My favourite things of the past year

Ayu speaks and list down her favourite stuff from 2010!
Sounds familiar right?!

First off! Happy New Year 2011, minna-san.

Haruhi New Year 2011
I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday break and festive celebrations. I had a very peaceful and calm holiday break. It was a rather short one but I made full use of my time to just relax and break free from even the net. Now I’m back at work again and in the full swing of things which will keep me even busier right up to the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rabbit. But of course, I won’t abandon tBP and leave it in the lurch. Granted that I haven’t be posting regularly in recent weeks does not mean I won’t keep abreast of my other world hobbies, right?! 😆
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2008/9 Winter Season – What’s on my Watchlist!

This year’s Fall Season harvest of shows is just so epic that the Winter Season list seems pale by comparison. That’s good in a way because it means I don’t have too many series crowding my viewing schedule like I have this Autumn. Most of the shows don’t really excite me or pique my interest. I’ll probably focus on the Winter selection of ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’ themes. But there are a couple of new series from the offerings listed below that I thought would be interesting to watch…plus one anticipated sequel.

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