Ode To Autumn

I often imagine the kind of music that goes with the change of seasons. While browsing my favourite channels, I found this particular collection of original piano compositions. I thought, ah this is it. The perfect musical ode to autumn. That and a lovely poem by John Keats to compliment it. Oh, the wonderful memories it wrought too of my walks on the slopes of the ever lovely port city of Hakodate, last autumn.

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A cooling thought on a warm evening

How about some gelato, ne?

Gelato of many flavours can be found in this little shop, tucked away in a narrow cobbled stone street, nearby Piazza del Duomo in Florence (or Firenze as the locals called it). Well, one can find a Gelataria or gelato vendors nearly everywhere. You’d be hard pressed not to find one when you are in Italy. I do so missed the fruity popsicle that is made from real fruits and there’s even veggie popsicle.  I like them more than gelato.
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Grains of Rice

Grains of Rice

They leave rice fields to travel far and wide:
who doesn’t count on them for sustenance?
Doffing their golden coats, they bask in sun;
displayed in every place, they shine like jade.
Time after time, their forebears saved the realm-
for centuries their breed has fed our folk.
By fire and water they’ll forsake their lives:
is anyone aware what they do?

(from An anthology of Vietnamese Poems)

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Yurikano and a walk in the market

This came about because I was searching for a particular piece of music to share. It’s a track from Rinne no Lagrange S2 OST i.e track no. 4 titled “Yurikano”. Since I can’t seem to find it in the usual place (or I’m really bad at finding stuff), I decided to upload it myself. But having said that, I didn’t want to just put up random anime images or from the titled anime itself. So, I put together some pictures I snapped from my trip to Hakodate to make this short music clip. The purpose is still the music but somehow it has quite a weird photo feature. ^_^  Anyway, Yurikano is one of my favourite piece from Rinne’s OST. Listening to this gives the feeling of a great start to the day. Yurikano is also the name of one of the characters from Rinne. Enjoy!

This legend is indeed on his mark

I wasn’t sure if the video link would work but it did and it’s all good until it last. To be honest, I’ve never seen this music video animation created for Chage & Aska’s song ‘On Your Mark’ by Miyazaki sensei before. I thought it quite genius that he managed to squeeze a complete short story into a slightly over 5 mins long music video. Fantastic really. Much like those animation shorts he created for Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. He’s definitely on his mark with this one, yeah!