Grains of Rice

Grains of Rice

They leave rice fields to travel far and wide:
who doesn’t count on them for sustenance?
Doffing their golden coats, they bask in sun;
displayed in every place, they shine like jade.
Time after time, their forebears saved the realm-
for centuries their breed has fed our folk.
By fire and water they’ll forsake their lives:
is anyone aware what they do?

(from An anthology of Vietnamese Poems)

 photo DSC_0454.jpg

This is a rice plant. We planted the dry or hill variety in a mid-sized planter just to see if it works. Well, the seedlings grew and bore the rice grains which we eventually harvest last season. Knowing that we can do it means we can plant paddy rice in the backyard even if the yield might not be much. But the point is that it’s a rather fun thing to do.  Planting manageable and small crops of veggies as well as grains are just one of the many things people can do to be self sufficient especially when the cost of living in this day and age is sky-rocketing.

Image owned by sorascape

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