Lost for Words

The days of being part of the ani-manga blogging community seemed to have left me by the way side ages ago. Time and circumstances changed and so does our lifestyle. As much as I thought I could cater to my closet hobby by blogging, I am rather defeated. I still do watch anime and read manga and yes, listen to lots of music which is something I’ll never stop doing. But gone are the days when I could spare time to write and blab about my favourite shows, manga or music.

Having said that, I just couldn’t give up on the Brownie Post. After due consideration, I decided to keep this old blog alive by sharing another favourite hobby of mine.  Snapshots! I can’t say I’m a good photographer (in fact, I’m just a below average one) but hey, I can say that I’m a snapshooter (is there even such a word). One of my blogger friends suggest I post images or pictures from my travels. I think to myself ‘why not’ since I have built up quite a considerable collection.  As they say, pictures can tell a thousand words.  Well, it saves me from mindless babbling. So there you go and here I am.

Bird’s eye view from the Tembo Galleria of the Skytree in Sumida, Tokyo

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