Aldnoah.Zero 2 OP Single – &Z (アンドジー) by Sawano Hiroyuki (nZk)

TV Anime: Aldnoah.Zero (アルドノア・ゼロ)
CD Title: &Z
Artist: Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk] ft. Mizuki
Release Date: 04-Feb-2015
Catalogue No: DFCL-2108
Format: CD
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&Z” is the 2nd OP single and title theme song from TV anime Aldnoah.Zero which is currently in its 2nd cour run. While I do somewhat like Kalafina’s Heavenly Blue, it gets a bit of chore to listen to after a while as the similarity of Kajiura Yuki’s compositions tend to wear one out eventually.  So, I found myself liking “&Z” considerably more.  I like the punchier rock sound that opens both the anime and this CD single. It’s also a catchy track and Mizuki’s voice is well suited to the song.

0.Vers on the other hand is a slower retrospective number that seems wrought with emotions which made me alludes this song to Slaine’s predicament. Again, Mizuki’s vocal soars with this track. I wonder where in the anime will they feature the song. Looking forward to hearing it definitely.

Tracks 3 and 4 are alternate versions of insert song No Differences and A/Z’s 2nd ED theme aLIEz, respectively. Although I still prefer the original version of aLIEz, I must say, the solo piano-backed ballad version of the song evokes a different kind of feeling, like a sense of clawing desperation. Tracks 5 to 6 are TV-sized and instrumental versions of &Z.

Overall, a worthy single to listen to as I like all the tracks on it.

Track Listing (**Click on the song titles for a sampling of tracks 1-4)

Track 1: &Z

Track 2: 0.Vers

Track 3: No Differences [nZk Ver.]

Track 4: aLIEz [mZk Ver.]

Track 5: &Z [TV Size]

Track 6: &Z [English Ver.]

Track 7: &Z [Instrumental Ver.]

One thought on “Aldnoah.Zero 2 OP Single – &Z (アンドジー) by Sawano Hiroyuki (nZk)

  1. 0.vers is obviously sung from Slaine’s point of view “swear fake allegiance to that girl” or whatever the words were.
    I thought the [mzk] version of aLIEz was amazing. I absolutely love the original but this version was incredibly sad and just like you said, desperate. I also found it a lot more emotionally involving how you could hear each word she pronounced very clearly, and it kind of added to the meaning of the song.
    As for &Z I enjoyed the song. I also enjoyed “Heavenly Blue”. I love both songs but truth be told, I rarely listen to them until the end. Both songs have a great beginning but become more and more generic towards the end.


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