Karneval Vol.13 LE and Pandora Hearts Vol.22 SE – Covers plus Inserts

Wow!!! This blog has seen some better days. It has been on a very long hiatus indeed. Even WP has undergone some changes with the blogging interface that I am only aware of now.  But anyway, though I no longer update stuff like I used to, I haven’t been totally inactive. One can still find me re-blogging and sharing stuff on tumblr.  That said, I thought that I share some recent tankoubon releases here for a change.

Does anyone still follow Karneval and Pandora Hearts? Karneval‘s 13th Volume was released on Apr-25 and Pandora Hearts‘s 22nd Volume was out on Apr-26.  The volumes I’d gotten are both limited editions that came with drama CDs. I haven’t gotten round to ripping the CDs yet but who knows, I might just upload and share them in this post as an update later.

A bit of news before I spam this post with scans of the respective tank releases. It was announced that Pandora Hearts’ next volume (#23) will be its last. Well, that is something which is not unexpected as the manga has been headed towards its climax with all the happenings and revelations coming to light in the last couple of volumes. Let’s hope that we’re getting a good climax of an ending. Of course, Karneval on the other hand, is far from over. So fans of Yogi, Gareki and Nai need not worry. ^_^

K A R N E V A L    V O L U M E    1 3   –    L I M I T E D   E D I T I O N

Jacket Cover: Front with side flap
The megane oji-san on the cover is Tokitatsu, Hirato’s elder brother and the CTO of Circus
 photo KV13_0004.jpg

Jacket Cover: Back
 photo KV13_0005.jpg

Jacket Cover: Front and back w/o flaps
 photo KV13_0006.jpg

Paperback Cover: Front
 photo KV13_0007.jpg

Paperback Cover: Back
 photo KV13_0008.jpg

Insert: Colour Page
 photo KV13_0009.jpg

Insert: Contents Page
 photo KV13_0010.jpg

Insert: Illustration of Tokitatsu – Circus CTO
 photo KV13_0011.jpg

Insert: Extra Chapter
 photo KV13_0012.jpg

 photo KV13_0013.jpg

 photo KV13_0014.jpg

 photo KV13_0015.jpg

 photo KV13_0016.jpg

 photo KV13_0017.jpg

 photo KV13_0018.jpg

Insert: Illustration of Tsukitachi – Captain of 1st Ship
 photo KV13_0019.jpg

Insert: Omake | Mangaka’s End Note
 photo KV13_0020.jpg

 photo KV13_0021.jpg

Volume Special: Drama CD Cover
 photo KV13_0003.jpg

Get the regular edition of Vol.13 here: Amazon.co.jp

P A N D O R A   H E A R T S   V O L U M E   2 2   –   S P E C I A L   E D I T I O N

This is a pretty thick volume with a total of 5 Chapters (i.e Retrace 88 to Retrace 92) containing 215 pages. It included an interlude chapter that was not published in Gfantasy’s monthly publication. As mentioned earlier, the special edition also came with a drama CD titled ‘Another Story of a Promise Lost’. This is also the volume where we say goodbye to an immensely popular character in Pandora Hearts. He’s probably my personal favourite and he shall be greatly missed. *Sobs*

Jacket Cover: Front with side flap
 photo PH22_0005.jpg

Jacket Cover: Back with side flap
 photo PH22_0006.jpg

Jacket Cover: Front and back w/o flaps
 photo PH22_0007.jpg

Paperback Cover: Front and Back
 photo PH22_0008.jpg photo PH22_0009.jpg

Insert: Colour Page | Contents Page
 photo PH22_0010-horz.jpg

Insert: Extra Chapter
 photo PH22_0013-horz.jpg

 photo PH22_0015-horz.jpg

 photo PH22_0017-horz.jpg

Insert: Illustration
 photo PH22_0023-horz.jpg

Mangaka’s End Note
 photo PH22_0021.jpg

Volume Special: Drama CD Cover
 photo PH22_0002.jpg photo PH22_0001.jpg

Farewell Xerxes Break ♠, a larger than life character and the clown of all clowns.
 photo PH22tribute_xerxesbreak.jpg

Get the regular edition of Vol.22 here: Amazon.co.jp



Do not re-post my scans elsewhere without my permission and claim them as your own. You may, however, link back to this post for reference if you so choose.

5 thoughts on “Karneval Vol.13 LE and Pandora Hearts Vol.22 SE – Covers plus Inserts

  1. bee

    thank you sharing! although there’s been hints since long ago that break’s time is almost up, i didn’t want to believe it would really happen ;_; though i am excited to see how pandora hearts is gonna end, i will miss it when it does end.
    also do you know the status of uraboku? is it on hiatus again or publishing?


      1. bee

        ooohhh i see, i saw raws only up to 54 i think so i wondered if it’s on hiatus bc she’s sick. i’ll hope she hasn’t, i really like this series a lot. do you know what other stuff she’s working on?


  2. Ohhh nice to you’re more or less alive! I also got the LE of Pandora Hearts but I haven’t gotten around to listening to the drama cd yet, and might be able to do so only next weekend. That aside, I was rather disappointed that Mochizuki didn’t really put Break on cover or wherever. He was also my most favourite character and as someone who’s been following PH for quite a few years his death was an utter shock to me. I kind of expected it but still had hope that he’d make it somehow. He’s loved by a lot of PH fans and I’m surprised Mochizuki didn’t pay respects to him by placing him on the cover, color page or some other place. And I also thought that the “special edition” words and their font looked rather cheap. It’s also sad that PH is ending. One after another my favourite series end. Just like 07-Ghost and DOLLS (speaking of which I just ordered everything dolls-related off acute girls online shop and can’t wait to see some extra continuation of the original story, I’m becomin f an even bigger fan after the sries ended, lol).

    As for Karneval, I follow the series, but can’t say the plot’s been super interesting recently. There’s no real progress on the main storyline? Aka destroying Kafka altogether. But I do GREATLY appreciate your sharing of that Tsukitachi picture ❤
    Hope to see you here more often!


    1. Hey there. I didn’t think anyone is still following this blog after such a long hiatus of inactivity. XDDD But yeah, kinda sad to note that a lot of our favourite manga has ended or is ending soon. With Pandora Hearts, Mochizuki-sensei has been leading in that direction ever since the Isla Yura arc. I would say she is faithful to her goals and aims concerning what or how she wants to end her creation unlike….emm…VK. She’s brave enough to kill off some major characters and the deaths didn’t come out of the left field, so to speak. They are part and parcel of the bigger picture of her story. Break’s death I thought was done beautifully, poignant in the fact that he acknowledges that he does not really want to die if there’s a chance but still, he did the best that he could. I really love his characterization, one of the most well written one in PH. And I can’t help imagining Ishida Akira’s voice emanating from Break, particularly in the last few panels of Retrace 92. Omigosh….sobs.

      As for Karneval, at least things are moving again with Kafka’s attack on Kuronomei. But hah, What the heck. Was reading KnB while writing this reply. Fujimaki is really making Akashi invincible. I mean, how OP can the guy gets. I’m sure he’ll make Akashi steam rolled over every single players on court including his Rakuzan team mates. Gaaah! Guess that’s shounen sports manga for ya. 😛 XDDD


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