Mag Updates: Asuka Issue 09/13

Let’s get up to speed with some mag updates from the latest issue of 月刊 ASUKA. As I haven’t been posting magazine snippets of late, there had been some new titles that begun serialization recently. I’m sure there are some from the manga fandom that are on the look out for new stuff to read seeing as some popular titles have ended or are going to end soon. So, it is worth checking out what’s new, what’s still ongoing or is on hiatus and what’s upcoming.


Momochi Himari and Omamori-sama (The Demon Prince of Momochi House) gets the cover spotlight
 photo AS9_0001.jpg

Freebie UraBoku Postcards & Magazine Specials
 photo AS9_0009-horz.jpg


**Images are view from R to L

Kamisama × ore-sama × dan’na-sama! ? – Sakano Keiko
 photo AS9_0012-horz.jpg

Uchi no Heika ga Shinmai de. – Kosumi Fujiko
 photo AS9_0014-horz.jpg

Hatsukoi Canvas – Samamiya Akaza
 photo AS9_0016-horz.jpg
 photo AS9_0018-horz.jpg

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru – Resumption Announcement
 photo AS9_0019b-horz.jpg

Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji – Shouto Aya
 photo AS9_0024-horz.jpg
 photo AS9_0026-horz.jpg

One shot: Akuma to Shiken no 5 nichikan – Otonaka Sawaki
 photo AS9_0029-horz.jpg

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – Oda Suzuka
 photo AS9_0030-horz.jpg

Tsukikage no Guignol  – Ogata Yuuri
 photo AS9_0032-horz.jpg
 photo AS9_0035-horz.jpg

 photo AS9_0037-horz.jpg
 photo AS9_0040-horz.jpg

1001 Knights – Sugisaki Yukiru
 photo AS9_0042-horz.jpg
 photo AS9_0044-horz.jpg

One Shot: Harukaze Puruzuto – Tamotsu Yoko
 photo AS9_0048-horz.jpg
 photo AS9_0050-horz.jpg

Momogumi plus Senki – Sakondou Eri
 photo AS9_0053-horz.jpg

Zone-00 | One Shot: Warera-sai Hana Koko Fushigi Kaiketsu-bu | Biblia Koshodo no Jiken Techo
 photo AS9_0057-horz.jpg

Yami no Naka no Crown – Fusoku Jinrui/L Bushi | A+B – Abeno Chako
 photo AS9_0059-horz.jpg

⇛New Manga Premiere

Ataru-The First Love & The Last Kill – Takeharu Sakurai/Terai Akane

This is actually adapted from a drama series of the same name that aired last year over TBS. There’s a live action movie due out in Sept as well. Briefly, the story is about a young man afflicted with autism and who has an uncanny ability to see through details that normal people don’t see. He got involved with the police investigators and ended up helping them in some of their cases.
 photo AS9_0062-horz.jpg
 photo AS9_0064-horz.jpg
 photo AS9_0066-vert.jpg
 photo AS9_0067-vert.jpg
 photo AS9_0069-vert.jpg

New Manga/Volume Releases
 photo AS9_0020-horz.jpg

Next Issue Preview
 photo AS9_0003.jpg

The Contents Page – For those who are picky and wants to know every single manga that is published in this issue.  Nyah!
 photo AS9_0060.jpg


Please do not re-post my scans elsewhere without my permission and claim them as your own. You may, however, link back to this post for reference if you so choose. Thank you for reading!

11 thoughts on “Mag Updates: Asuka Issue 09/13

  1. Hi! We’re a scanlation group, and we’d love to scanlate Tsukikage no Guignol. Would it be possible for you to email us the whole chapter? Thank you so much, and if so, of course we’ll credit you and all that jazz. Also, would any monetary support be required on our part?

    Thank you so much for your work and we look forward to hearing from you!


    • Hi Senpai Scans: Thank u for your interest in TnG. I’m currently in semi-retirement from the scanlation world. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to commit to scanning for your group in the interim as I’m rather busy in RL. For a first chapter…I’ll see what can be done but it is not a promise, k?! It won’t be an immediate thing for sure. If u happen to find another source by the time I’m done with the 1st Chappie, it’s all good. ^_^;;


      • Hey,
        No, no, thank YOU for doing this at all; it really means a lot to us. Any time you could get it to us would be fine, and we totally understand. 😀 A semi-promise is good enough, thank you so much. c:


  2. Thank you very much those monthly magazine snippets!
    Could you please continue doing snippets of Yami no naka no crown if it won’t trouble you?
    Thanks again!


  3. Hi again! I just wanted to let you know that your blog is a good source of information for my blog so… I just put your blog in the new part of publicity of my blog! ^-^


    • @Rika: Sure, you may re-post the cover. I like your blog coverage of 1001. ^_^ I reckon I could post more chapter teasers/snippets of 1001 in the next issue of ASUKA if there are more fans wanting to see it. By the way, do you mind if I add u to my blog roll?


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