07-Ghost Kapitel 97 – It’s a conspiracy of the highest order…


Hey all. I’m here with the chapter teasers of 07-Ghost Kapitel 97. In this installment, there are more flash backs of Verloren and Eve which I had expected since Ayanami shows up to claim his true body. Having said that, we probably might see more of Ayanami’s past and how he came to be as it was hinted that he was born into the Raggs royal family. Back to the chapter itself, Eve’s death was a tragic sacrifice that triggers a chain of events with far-reaching consequence. And the person responsible is also the biggest conspirator, orchestrating the conspiracy from the highest seat of heaven.

What of Verloren? Is he then a victim of circumstances? Despite his soul & body being separated and cast down from heaven in the aftermath of Eve’s demise, he is able to let his wrath seeps out into the world to bring about despair and darkness, going against everything that the Chief of heaven stood for. What then will Ayanami do, now that he gained his true form? Will Teito in some way be able to stop Verloren on his impending rampage? Then there is Teito’s own goal which is to bring Ayanami to the Land of Seele. But what if that is what Aya-tan had intended to do from the beginning? Then I reckon everything will merge at one point. But before that can happen, I kinda expect more back filling of Aya-tan’s past to come to light. All the pieces are starting to fall into place. Do look forward to the next installment of 07-Ghost.

To see the chapter teasers, just click on ‘‘ or scroll down below and check the blue page 2 button.  Do share your thoughts and speculations on the chapter if you so wish. (◕‿◕✿)

10 thoughts on “07-Ghost Kapitel 97 – It’s a conspiracy of the highest order…


    visited your tumblr page – sorascape, I love the instrumentals/songs being played… can I have a list/title of those, please? 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. @sheilamarie, thanks for visiting my blog, both here & on tumblr. 🙂 about the music on sorascape, actually if you point your cursor on the music icon, you can see the playlist. but if you can’t spot it for some reasons, here’s the list:
      track 1 – rainy morning (garden of words ost)
      track 2 – surely someday (b-side to miho fukuhara space brothers ed single beyond)
      track 3 – seimei (vocal track by hitomi kuroishi from hakkenden ost)
      track 4 – rain (b-side track from motohiro hata garden of words single)
      track 5 – while hearing sound of rain (garden of words ost)



    waaaaah! thank you for sharing this! was really looking forward to read the next English manga but it’s not yet available. 😦 thanks to you I get a glimpse of what’s gonna happen next…


    1. @kelly: I’m happy to share. The pages aren’t there for a reason since this is just a snippets post… I just leave it hanging. Interesting that people noticed it which means you’ve seen the chapter scans from some other sites already.


  3. JustAFan!

    There’s something strange, that Teito, in the end, looked to big, maybe a trap? Anyway, it looks like he was resisting the temptation till the end, of touching Eve. But because he was going to be executed or something like that, he finally gave in. Maybe it even was a request of Eve herself. Anyway looking forward to the next chapter.


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