07-Ghost Kapitel 96: Passing on the torch

Hello 07G fandom!

Once again, it’s time for tBP’s monthly 07-Ghost chapter preview. Better late than never but hey, angsty shouta Frau would have it no other way.

 photo K96-01.jpg

Anyway, what can be seen in this particular chapter is how we were told, Frau came to be the next vessel for Zehel. It’s precisely his backstory that Teito had glimpse into. Did Teito manage to save Frau’s soul? Well, one would think so after he went into all that trouble to stir Frau’s memories and free him from the burden of guilt of losing his mentor. Frau was finally able to let go of his tragic and troubled past. What ties Frau to Teito is Gido who was the former vessel of Zehel. Of course, we still don’t know if Frau will ever go back to the way he was as his body is destroyed. The other thing that bugs me is that death does not come so easily to the Black Hawks. Why am I not surprise that Hyuuga is alive…even if barely? But it was cute that Konatsu fawns and cry over Hyuuga, going so far as to be willing to sacrifice his body parts for him to become whole again. So what will happen now that Ayanami is to unite with his/Verloren’s body? Since we’ve seen the past of the Ghosts, I reckon we’ll be seeing Ayanami’s past being revealed and Teito would most likely be that trigger.

That’s it, peeps. Head over *here* for the chapter snippets or just click on the blue ‘page 2’ button at the bottom of this post. Feel free to drop your views on the chapter. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “07-Ghost Kapitel 96: Passing on the torch

  1. 7ghost4life

    I’m disappointed that the bad guys can’t die, it’s like they’re untouchable.

    Now that Teito has seen Frau’s past he should be getting the last ticket soon, not that it helps much now, since he no longer has Verloren’s body.

    I hope to see Ayanami/Kroel’s past soon.


  2. JustAFan!

    So cute, well not cute exactly, but I mean exciting in some way. Love the past of Frau and how he was tempted. And that Ayanami is finally going to reclaim his true body. But I seriously wonder, what happened to Mikael, its as if a virus entered and destroy it from the inside. Oh well, looking forward to the next chapter, next month.


    1. @katsu-san: U’r welcome. Yes, Aya-tan is about to claim his true body. He has been scheming to get this far just for this moment. The only one who could possible ruin it is Teito but of course, this is just my speculation. 🙂


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