Pandora Hearts Vol.20 SE and Karneval Vol.11 – Covers plus Inserts

I am seemingly taking my time with things these days in terms of blogging. This is evident in the fact that I’ve yet to post my usual monthly 07-Ghost chapter spoilers. But nonetheless, tBP will stutter on with as much energy that can be accorded to it in my spares.

Once again, we have a couple of volume releases to share and it is the most recent volumes of Pandora Hearts and Karneval.  Pandora Hearts Vol.20 came out on May-27 whereas Karneval’s Vol.11 was released a month earlier, on April-25.


As one can tell from the pic above, I got myself a copy of Pandora Heart’s Special Edition which featured Gil on the cover plus it came with a teeny weeny Gil figurine. The regular volume has got Oscar-sama on the cover. The copy I bought of Karneval is the regular edition that featured a slightly brighter illustration of Yogi than the SE version (which can be seen here).

 photo K11_0001.jpg photo P20-01.jpg

Read on for more stuff of the respective volumes.

K A R N E V A L    V O L U M E    11   –   R E G U L A R    E D I T I O N

Volume 11 of Touya Mikanagi’s manga contained Score 61 to 66, six chapters in total. It is no fluke that Yogi is on the cover as there is plenty of Yogi moments in this volume where his back-story and origin is being told. Fans of Silver Yogi will fangirl over his mischievousness in these chapters. (。 >艸<)

Jacket Cover: Front with side flap
 photo K11_0002.jpg

Jacket Cover: Back (featuring a younger looking Hirato and Tsukitachi)
 photo K11_0003.jpg

Jacket Cover: Front and back w/o flaps
 photo K11_0004.jpg

Paperback Cover: Front
 photo K11_0006a.jpg

Paperback Cover: Back
 photo K11_0005a.jpg

Insert: Colour Page
 photo K11_0007.jpg

Insert: Contents Page
 photo K11_0008.jpg

Insert: Illustration of Nai
 photo K11_0026.jpg

Insert: Extras/Omake
 photo K11_0027.jpg
 photo K11_0028.jpg
 photo K11_0029.jpg
 photo K11_0030.jpg
 photo K11_0031.jpg
 photo K11_0032.jpg
 photo K11_0033.jpg

Insert: Mangaka’s End Note
 photo K11_0034.jpg



P A N D O R A    H E A R T S    V O L U M E    20   –   S P E C I A L    E D I T I O N

I did say at the start that Vol.20 Special Edition came with a Gil figurine. Well, here are some pictures I took of it.  あのちびカワイイね… (⌒▽⌒)☆

Alright then, back to the main topic. Volume 20 comprises of Retrace 79 to 82 where there are plenty of developments for Gil, Oz and Oscar-sama. With so much emotional exposition that exude from these chapters, you can’t help feeling overawed.  While I had initially doubted Oscar’s leanings/affiliations, he is one truly tragic but heroic figure and he turned out to be such a noble character till the end. Sadly, his journey came to a halt but Oz couldn’t have a more wonderful father figure than he has in Oscar-sama. The SE volume also include a bonus chapter titled ‘It makes all kinds‘. We are shown snippets of lighthearted moments during the tea party at the grounds of Pandora before all hell broke loose.

Jacket Cover: Front with side flap
 photo P20-02-1.jpg

Jacket Cover: Back with side flap
Ayu’s comment: ‘This seems like a PH parody of Shingeki no Kyoujin… Alice is the kyoujin’ (*´艸`*)
 photo P20-03.jpg

Jacket Cover: Front and back w/o flaps
 photo P20-04.jpg

Paperback Cover: Front and Back
 photo P20-06-horz.jpg

Insert: Colour Page
*Farewell Oscar-sama*
 photo P20-07.jpg

Insert: Contents Page
 photo P20-08.jpg

Insert: Omake
 photo P20-11-horz.jpg

Insert: Extra Chapter – “It makes all kinds”
*View from R to L*
 photo P20-19-horz.jpg
 photo P20-22-horz.jpg
 photo P20-25-horz.jpg
 photo P20-28-horz.jpg
 photo P20-30-horz.jpg
 photo P20-32-horz.jpg

Mangaka’s End Note & Illustration
 photo P20-13-horz.jpg


Enjoy, peeps!

Do not re-post my scans elsewhere without my permission and claim them as your own. You may, however, link back to this post for reference if you so choose.

One thought on “Pandora Hearts Vol.20 SE and Karneval Vol.11 – Covers plus Inserts

  1. Again, really thanks for these, Ayu-san.. ( TwT)
    Everyone seems “busy” with Shingeki nowadays XD even Mochizuki-sensei?

    ouch, and Tsukitachi is actually a spoiled man.. XDD
    Karneval omake always so funny.. (wish they publish it here so i can buy it.. ;__; )


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