Eh, did Frau turn into a thingummy scythe in 07-Ghost Kapitel 94…

Noooo, don’t turn Frau into a scythe thingy.  Honestly, I hope that isn’t the case. I want my human ghostie back, onegai-shimasu.  Anyway, if you want to take a further tease peek in to Kapitel 94, just follow the instructions after the Zer0-Sum image cut.

And Mag Digest continues with….

Zero-Sum May 2013 edition features super cute Nai of “Karneval” on the cover. Might I add that fans of the manga is anticipating the much awaited debut of the anime adaptation which will be airing it’s first episode today i.e Wednesday, Apr-3rd. Thus, this cover is to celebrate that. Yay!
ZS5 _0001

ZS5 _0008-horz
ZS5 _0009

Another manga getting loads of attention in Zero-Sum is “Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist”. All this is due to the manga getting an anime adaptation, following in “Karneval’s” footstep.

ZS5 _0005-horz
ZS5 _0003-4

My pick of this issue is a short story by Aka Natsu titled “Ninjinka”. It’s about a young traditional herbalist who chance upon a Mandragora that is kinda gifted by a sick oji-san whom he was healing. I’ll be offering this one shot up for scanlation to interested scanlators by request. Those interested, drop your request in the comments.
ZS5  _0002

To Zero-Sum followers who want to know what else is in the May contents:
ZS5  _0001

Alright Peeps! Now we come to 07-Ghost Kapitel 94 manga snippets.
To view them spoilers, click on the image below…
 photo K94_0033-Pg.jpg

or if you fail to understand, just head on to PAGE 2.

18 thoughts on “Eh, did Frau turn into a thingummy scythe in 07-Ghost Kapitel 94…

    1. @Kagumi: I’m not sure what you’re referring to. If you mean Kapitel 94, you can just click ‘Page 2’ and you can see the chapter. As for the previous chapters, won’t it be better for you to read the translated chapters that T&S has released? You can check out their site for current releases and translations. 😉


  1. Asuna

    Thank you for the snippets 🙂 … well, I don´t want frau to be the scythe 😦 isn´t that like being consumed? though he has consciousness.. hmmn I wonder how long that will last. And is Teito Eve? Since Landkarte first saw eve then she kinda transformed into teito… though teito is talking to her… either case..I can´t wait till the next chapter!


    1. @Asuna, U’re welcome. Is happy to share. Hehehe…I don’t think anyone of us would want to see Frau become a ‘thing’. Hopefully, Teito can rescue his soul and return Frau to the heavens. The woman in the chapter looks like Eve but it wasn’t specifically mentioned that she’s Eve. We don’t know for sure that Teito is Eve’s reincarnation either. There’s much speculation in the fandom that the chapter confirms Teito is Eve but somehow I don’t see it that way yet. To me, it appears to be a convenient solution to resolve the impasse of the story. One can pretty much predict where this is all heading. But we’ll see how it pans out in the next couple of chapters.


    1. @whitey: Thank you for dropping by. Well, Teito and Frau are inside the swirling darkness of Verloren. We won’t know what really happen to Frau until the manga reveal it further. ^_^


  2. Thaks so much Ayu for your hard work!
    This chapter looks so cool.. and big (way)!
    At least we know what happened to Landkarte and Ea (they’re free at last! Maybe we got to see Lance and Fea Kreuz too?) and it seems that Eve is making a stand! Well, at least that way Teito won’t be lost inside Verloren, He can still save Frau and the others before Verloren is truly resurected (Ayanami is the key piece.. and missing too atm. Thank god for that or goodbye Frau and Teito)

    Well, I got to say that Verloren’s ‘insides’ are far better than what I imagined. Not too many monsters loose or anything. XD


    1. @AM001: U’r welcome. I agree this chapter is interesting. Kinda glad that Landkarte is still redeemable. Would be sad if he disappear into nothingness. Nonetheless, Teito’s pure light broke thru in the end. Ea’s confidence in saving his friend got thru to Landkarte as well. With that, Teito earned another seal. He got to properly say farewell to Ea as well. That was a touching panel between them. But can he break thru the darkness that is Verloren and rescue Frau in the process? Seems tough isn’t it. Next chapter, I think Aya-tan will come back into focus again. 🙂


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